Yola website builder review: Strengths and Drawbacks

Website builder industry is growing rapidly. Just a decade ago you could just count them on the fingers of one hand, but now, you can get so many options. Website builder Yola is doing a commendable job. First of all, their world class support is appreciated by everyone and second, its stunning functionality and user-friendly interface makes it a perfect choice even for the beginners. So you should definitely put this website builder in your shortlist. They offer over 200 beautiful Yola templates out of which you can choose the best one which will suit your business nicely. Along with that, you’ll get a pleasing and fast experience with Yola while making your website. Yola also put weight on customer support. They offer phone facility to new customers too. This is something which you cannot see in others. So beginners also get simple and fool-proof options. And if you want to build an excellent e-commerce site Yola will be the best choice for you as the plug-in in the web store gives you the power to sell digital and physical goods both with a wide range of payment options. Apart from that, various other significant features are also offered by Yola such as directory submissions, Facebook publishing tool or tools for improving your SEO ranking. Now, just check out the highlights which will give you a short yet basic idea about Yola.

• Absolutely user-friendly and easy to work with.
• Commendable customer support.
• Advanced SEO tools.

Yola Website: Ease of Use

Website builder Yola is absolutely user-friendly. Check out this Yola review segment to more about it.

Yola is absolutely like Wix and Weebly. Its user-friendly interface is pretty much intuitive and impressive, though a bit outdated. This is perfect for personal as well as for the business website. You’ll also get drag and drop facility and unlike others, you don’t have to face annoying lags and delays because of Yola’s site. The customization process is also easy and good. As soon as you want to make a particular change, it’s done. You can say the interface of Yola site builder is uncluttered and calm which makes your designing much stressful and easy. From connecting a domain name to specifying site language or even making a full ‘SEO scan’, each step will come with a ‘learn more’ link or a pop-up tip. This is specifically designed for customers’ knowledge and user-friendliness. Apart from that, a lot of customization options are available with various advanced features. Additionally, you might have to take some time to understand the logic and to use the drag and drop facility. Though this platform supports dragging, you cannot control them fully because whenever you drop them, they directly jump to a pre-determined and invisible box. This is a small drawback. Apart from that, this platform is absolutely fine and comprehensible.


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Yola Templates and Designs

Yola templates are beautiful and customizable. You’ll also get switching option which is the best thing about website builder Yola.

To create an attractive website you have to concentrate on the templates first. Yola templates are beautiful but come with only 10 choices for free users. But when you start editing your site you can access the full template collections which include free and premium themes both. But we would like to inform you that there is no significant difference between them. But the most amazing thing is that these templates are customizable. You can simply change the content layout; replace all the default pictures or even upload a new a banner and much more. So if you can give just little effort you can get your desired template with Yola which is actually a good option for all the users. Along with that, Yola templates are switchable too. So after doing all these customization if you think it is not looking good you can simply switch to another template and transfer your content to that particular new template. Yola also offers Metacafe and YouTube videos, several photo galleries, flash plug-ins, as well as an MP3 Player. So if you want to build a good looking and advanced website this segment will work for you perfectly.



Yola Templates

Website Builder Yola: Tools and Features

Yola website builder offers predominant tools and features. In this Yola review, we have discussed all its functionalities in details.


 Social Media Integration: Social Media plays an important role in business promotion as well as increasing the productivity of your business as millions of people are associated with it. With Yola, you can integrate major social media platforms seamlessly. They also offer the special feature of onsite Facebook commenting.


Yola SEO Friendliness: SEO is definitely a significant factor for getting maximum visitors as later on those visitors will be converted into buyers. To make your site SEO friendly you have to concentrate on the Meta, title & description tags. Sitebuilder Yola includes everything you need for SEO. Along with that, to maximise your potential they also provide comprehensive SEO tutorials which will be really helpful for each and every customer.


Yola e-commerce: In this Yola website review, first of all, we would like to inform you that decent e-commerce functionalities are offered by Yola. If you are a Yola customer you can save your shopping profiles. You’ll also get the integration of 20 payment gateways and real-time shipping quotes. Users of Yola website builder also get the integration with various local and international shipping providers such as FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL. You’ll also get product import facility which includes CSV, LiteCommerce, XCart, formats. And if you want to sell digital goods you can definitely select Yola for that. Yola gives you the power to add a download time limit or even restrict the digital item download time. So Yola online store is absolutely unique and advanced and as they use ecwid, so your Yola website will definitely be different from other Yola websites.


Widgets: Sitebuilder Yola offers impressive ranges of widgets with drag and drop facility. These are absolutely easy to use so even a beginner can do it quite easily. For an example, you’ll get appointment scheduler, contact forms, blogs etc.


Visitor Statistics: If you are a Yola user you can easily track your website’s performance through Google Analytics. It not only helps you to understand your website’s performance but also you can see where from you getting the maximum visitors so that you can concentrate on that particular area. Apart from that, Yola Silver package comes with Yola tracking system which stores data for 30 days only.


Mobile Publishing: You can simply fine-tune the mobile view using mobile mockup. And the most amazing thing is Yola website builder gives you the facility to start building the mobile view even as a free member and can upgrade it when it’s absolutely ready for publishing. Mobile publishing is actually a different feature. It actually hides unnecessary elements from those who want to reach your site by mobile and displays a simplified version of your site in front of them. But keep in mind that this facility is only available with Yola Silver package which is actually a paid plan.


Monetization: Yola users can monetize their website with Amazon offers, Google Adsense, Amazon EC2 for advanced developers.


Yola Style Designers Community:  Sitebuilder Yola provides the biggest opportunity to earn money in an easy way. If you are a technology-savvy person or if you have some designer sense then you can simply follow their design guidelines and terms and conditions and submit a professional or unique style designed by you. This will be a paid service so now you can earn money with your creativity and knowledge.


Yola review: Pricing structure

Website builder Yola includes a free package. In this Yola review you’ll get detailed information about it. Check this out.

Yola mainly offers total 4 packages. The first one is free. It lets you create a site on the sub domain. This site can consist up to 3 pages. Apart from that, three other paid plans are also included which are Bronze ($4.16/mo), Silver ($8.33/mo), and Gold ($16.66/mo). Here we would like to inform you in this Yola review, that instead of taking the monthly package if you go for the yearly package you’ll get a huge discount.


Bronze: This package will cost you $4.16 per month. You’ll get Unlimited Pages, Free Domain and 2 GB storage.


Silver: The second one is Silver package and it will cost you $8.33 per month out of which you’ll get 5 GB bandwidth, custom domain, Premium Templates, Advanced Editor, and No Yola Branding.


Gold: The third one is Gold and it will cost you $16.66 per month. Some additional benefits are included in this package such as Keywords and Traffic Analytics, Unlimited Bandwidth and SEO Monitoring.

A separate add-on is included with Yola online store which can be integrated into any account. You just have to pay $10 per month for that. You can even hire Yola developers and designers for $499.95. This is the starting range and they are going to design your website personally.



Yola Pricing

Yola Website Builder: Customer Support

Sitebuilder Yola provides predominant customer support. Various options are available to contact Yola support. Take a look.

If you face any problem at the time of editing your site you can simply take the facility of Help tab which is available on all admin pages and remain active for you all the time. The most important things are included here such as Yola help center, community forum and training webinar. Still, if you face any problem you can simply call them or send them an email. Yola website builder provides 24/7 customer support for each and every user. So even if you are a new user you can call them and they are going to reply you as soon as possible. This facility is not available to everyone. So this is one of the biggest benefits of Yola. Along with that, they provide How to and interactive videos. So if you face any kind of problem you can take the help of video tutorials. And interactive videos are provided to address any kind of issues you may have. Sitebuilder Yola has an excellent community forum where you can make enquirers or get clarifications about your doubts from more experienced users. Additionally, if you follow the Yola blog you can get frequent tips and site updates. You can get tutorials from Yola TV too. Here you can check the interviews of leaders on the field and different news on all the updates. So if you are a first time user you’ll get coherent guides on a variety of topics which is extremely helpful.



Yola website builder has different utilities such as it is absolutely user-friendly. So if you are a beginner you can definitely try Yola to build an attractive website for your business. Along with that, Yola support will definitely impress you. Various support features are available which is not provided by other website builders. SEO is also an important segment which you need to concentrate on. That is why Yola offers attractive SEO tools for their customers. Apart from that, Social Media integration, Page level passwords or Multimedia are some additional benefits. Some drawbacks are also included such as a few years ago Yola stopped updating its software. And the new templates were also released near about a year ago which might affect them to hold on their credibility in this competitive market. The high price is also a barrier compared to the other website builders. People prefer to choose a different website builder just because of their high price. But you will be getting excellent customer support and various other attractive tools which are not offered by others. So as a beginner if you are looking for a platform which can assist you in every step then Yola site builder will be the best solution for you.