Yola Website Builder Review

The website builder industry is rapidly expanding. You could easily count them on the fingers of one hand a decade ago, but now you have so many exciting possibilities. Yola, a website builder, is doing an excellent job.
First of all, everyone can appreciate their world-class customer support, and second, its spectacular capabilities and user-friendly design make it an excellent pick, even for beginners.
As a result, you should add this website builder to your shortlist. They have over 200 gorgeous Yola templates from which you may select the one that best fits your business. Yola will also provide you with a pleasant and fast experience when building your website.
Yola prioritizes customer service. They also provide phone service to new customers – which is actually quite rare in this industry. This is something you simply don’t offered by everyone.
As a result, beginners have access to basic and risk-free solutions. And if you want to create a great e-commerce site, Yola is the finest alternative because the online store plug-in allows you to sell both digital and physical goods with a variety of payment choices.
Yola also has a number of additional useful features, such as directory submissions, a social media posting option and advanced tools for optimizing your SEO ranking. Now, lets have a look at the highlights, which will offer you a quick yet basic overview of Yola website builder.

• Very user-friendly and easy to work with, especially for beginners
• Helpful and friendly customer support
• Advanced SEO tools to assist your website in search engine rankings

Yola Website Builder: Ease of Use

Yola – the design driven website builder, is extremely user-friendly – so no matter what level you are currently at, Yola will be a super choice. To learn more, you can read further into this Yola website builder review segment.

In many ways, Yola is very similar to Wix and Weebly. Its user-friendly layout is fairly intuitive and impressive, albeit a little out of date, as compared to it’s competitors – like Shopify.
It’s suitable for both personal, mid-sized business and corporate websites. You’ll also have drag-and-drop functionality, and unlike other sites, Yola’s site won’t give you any bothersome lags or delays. The customization procedure is also simple and effective.It’s done as soon as you want to make a specific adjustment.
Yola site builder’s User Interface (UI) is uncluttered and minimal, which makes designing considerably less stressful, fun and easy. Each stage will have a ‘learn more’ link or a pop-up tip, ranging from connecting a domain name to setting site language to performing a comprehensive ‘SEO check’.  This was created with the expertise and ease of use of customers in mind.

Aside from that, there are several customization possibilities as well as advanced capabilities. You may also need to spend some time learning the theory and how to use the drag-and-drop feature. Although this platform allows for dragging, you cannot fully manage them because as you drop them, they immediately jump to an invisible box. This is a minor disadvantage. Apart from that, this platform is excellent and easy to use.

Yola Templates and Designs

Yola templates are attractive and customizable.  You’ll also have the ability to switch them at any time, which is one of the nicest features of Yola’s website builder. This allows you to create a fresh new look for your website at any time, with just a few clicks.

To design an engaging website, you must first focus on the templates. Yola templates are lovely, however there are limited options for free users. However, once you begin updating your site, you will have access to the entire template library, which includes both free and commercial themes. However, we’d like to point out that there’s no discernible difference between them. But the best part is that these templates are completely customisable.

You may easily alter the content layout, replace all of the preset images, and even upload a new banner, among other things. So, if you are willing to put in a little effort, you may acquire your preferred template with Yola, which is an excellent alternative for all users. Yola templates, on the other hand, can be changed. So, if you don’t think it looks okay after all of this customization, you can simply switch to another template and transfer your content to that new template. Yola also has videos from Metacafe and YouTube, as well as photo galleries, flash plug-ins and a multimedia player. So, if you want to create a well-designed and comprehensive website, this section will be ideal for you.

Yola Website Builder: Tools and Features

Yola website builder offers a wide variety tools and useful features. In this Yola website builder review, we consider all of these functionalities and help you to decide on the benefits to each of them:

Social Media Integration: Social Media plays an increasingly important role in business promotion on a daily basis, as well as increasing the productivity of your business as millions of people are utilizing it. With Yola, you can integrate all of the main social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok seamlessly. They also offer the special feature of integrated Facebook commenting, which is very handy.

Yola SEO Friendliness: Search Engine Optimization is definitely a significant factor and valuable tactic for getting maximum visitors, as later on, those visitors can hopefully convert into buyers. To make your website SEO friendly you have to concentrate on page titles, product descriptions and their variations, meta descriptions and tags. The sitebuilder by Yola includes just about everything you will need for SEO. Along with that, to optimise your potential gains, they also provide comprehensive SEO tutorials – take advantage of these as they provide the keys to growing your organic traffic.

Yola e-commerce: In this Yola website review, we’d like to point out that Yola has adequate e-commerce functionality. You can save your shopping profiles if you are a Yola customer. You’ll also get real-time shipping quotes and the integration of over 20 of the most popular payment methods. Users of the Yola website builder can also integrate with a variety of local and worldwide shipping companies, including FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL. You’ll also be able to import products in CSV, LiteCommerce, and XCart formats. And if you want to offer digital goods, Yola is an excellent choice too. Yola gives you the ability to set a download time restriction or even restrict the amount of times a digital item can be downloaded. Yola’s online store is very distinctive and advanced, and because they use ecwid, your Yola website will stand out from the crowd.

Widgets: Yola’s sitebuilder has a large number of widgets to choose from, all of which can be used with their drag and drop feature. Being really simple to operate, beginners will find them so simple and intuitive to use, with ease quickly. These widgets make it so easy to drop in appointment schedulers, contact forms, blogs and many other features.

Visitor Statistics and Analytics: If you use Yola website builder, you can easily track the performance of your website using Google Analytics. It not only allows you to understand your website’s performance, but it also allows you to know where you are getting the most visit from, so you can potentially focus on that area. Aside from that, the Yola Silver package includes the Yola tracking system too.

Mobile Publishing: 

Using mobile mockup, you can easily fine-tune the mobile view, whilst still in preview mode. This is especially useful when you have a busy and active website – as you want be in a position to test changes before they become live on your website.  The best part is that Yola website builder allows you to start constructing the mobile view even if you’re a free user, and then upgrade it when it’s ready to go live.
Mobile publishing, on the other hand, is an unique characteristic. It really hides needless aspects from visitors who access your site via mobile and presents them with a streamlined version of your site. Keep in mind, however, that this feature is only available with the Yola Silver package, which is a premium plan.

Monetization: Yola users can monetize their website in endless ways, including with Amazon offers, Google Adsense and Amazon EC2 for advanced developers.

Yola Style Designers Community: Yola’s website builder offers the best potential to make money quickly. If you are tech-savvy or have some design sense, you can simply follow their design standards and terms and conditions and submit a professional or distinctive style that you have created. As this will be a paid service, you can now profit from your skills and knowledge.

Yola Review: Pricing structure

Website builder Yola includes a free website builder package.

Yola offers 4 packages in total. The first one is totally Free. It lets you create a site on their Yola sub domain. This site can consist of just 2 pages, with 1 gigabyte of storage.

Apart from that, the three other paid plans are also included which are:

  • Bronze from $4.95 per month or $59.95 annually
  • Silver from $11.95 per month or $143.45 annually
  • Gold from $23.95 per month or $287.45 annually

If you pay annually, you will get 2 months for free included, which is really great value. All of the paid plans allow you to assign a domain to them, instead of just using their subdomain.

Yola Website Builder Premium Packages

Bronze: You’ll get Unlimited Pages, Custom Domain, 1000 pages, Premium Support, website analytics and 2 GB storage.

Silver: The second one is the Silver package for which you’ll get 5 GB everything included in the Bronze package, plus Premium Templates, Advanced Editor, no Yola branding, Unlimited Languages, website backups and 5 GB of storage across 25 websites.

Gold: The third one is Gold and it includes all of the features of the Bronze and Silver packages. There are some additional benefits including: Keywords and Traffic Analysis via the Automated SEO monitoring and very generous Unlimited Storage.

A separate add-on that can be included with all Yola website builder packages is their Online Store, which can be integrated into any account.

Again, there are four different package for Yola’s Online Store:

  • Free
  • Basic from $12.50 per month or $150 annually
  • Professional from $29.17 per month or $350 annually
  • Unlimited from $82.50 per month or $990 annually

You can even hire Yola developers and designers to help you with this process.

Yola website builder also offers the possibility to register your custom domain with them, along with a Personalized Email Address and Private Domain Registration – to keep your private details away from WHOIS searches.

Yola Website Builder: Customer Support

Yola website builder is known for its excellent customer service. Yola support can be contacted in a variety of ways. Take a look around.

If you run into any difficulties while editing your site, you can use the Help option, which is present on all admin pages and is always open to you. The most significant features, such as the Yola support center, community forum, and training webinars, are all available here.
If you still have an issue, you can contact them by phone or email. Every user of the Yola website builder has access to customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. So, even if you’re a first-time user, you can phone them and they’ll respond as fast as feasible.
As a result, this is one of Yola’s most significant advantages. They also give instructional and interactive videos on their YouTube Channel. So, if you have a particular difficulty, you may use video lessons to help you out. In addition, interactive videos are available to address any concerns you may have. Yola’s sitebuilder offers a fantastic community forum where you can ask questions and get answers from more knowledgeable users and support admins. You can also get frequent tips and site updates if you subscribe to the Yola blog.
 As a result, if you are a first-time user of Yola, you will receive well-organized guides on a range of topics, which is highly beneficial.

Yola Website Builder Review Conclusion

Yola website builder provides a number of features, including the fact that it is extremely user-friendly. So, if you’re a beginner, Yola is a great place to start when it comes to creating a professional looking website for yourself, your business, your company, your sports team, your charity or your hobby.
Yola support will undoubtedly impress you. There are a variety of support options offered that are not available with other website builders.
SEO is also an important area where you should focus your efforts.As a result, Yola provides appealing search engine optimization tools to their consumers.
Plus there are some further perks such as Social Media integration, Page level passwords, and Multimedia. There are some disadvantages too though. heir new templates were released over a year ago, which may have an impact on their ability to maintain their credibility and rankability in this competitive market.
 In comparison to other website builders, the price could also be a deterrent against the higher level packages, with the ecommerce add-ons included. However, you will receive exceptional customer service as well as a variety of other appealing products that are not available anywhere else. So, if you’re a newbie seeking for a platform that will guide you through each step, Yola site builder is a great option.