Webs Website Builder Review

Webs is a website builder that has been operating since 2001 and is still at the top of the popularity rankings. Webs website builder has been used to create over 65 million websites, and clients are generally quite satisfied with their services.In this Webs website builder review, we’ll look at why this website builder is so popular and well-liked by users all around the world. 
Webs is a website builder that caters best to small enterprises and solo entrepreneurs. With the help of this fantastic website builder, you can create a personal or non-profit website. Webs tools, on the other hand, are significantly more tailored toward small enterprises, which is why people like it for small firms.

Now you can see why powering over 65 million websites and getting so many users is a difficult task and an incredible accomplishment. And because this popular website builder has been there since 2001, you can rest assured that it will be around for a long time, which is an important consideration for any website owner. Let’s take a look at some of this website builder’s highlights.

• Webs’ website builder is extremely user-friendly, with drag-and-drop functionality for its valued clients.
• As an exclusive feature, you may create membership sites directly on their websites.
• The Webs App Store is fantastic since it allows you to add more complex features and third-party tools to your top Webs website.

Webs Website Builder Review: Strengths and Weaknesses

Webs Website Builder Review: Ease of use

Drag and drop functionality is available in Webs website builder. As a result, creating the best Webs websites will be really simple and straightforward for anyone.

First and foremost, Webs does an excellent job of constructing your entire website in front of your eyes, and the best part is that you can see how your website will look after it has been published. 
Secondly, the drag and drop builder allows you to add modules into your website such as paragraphs, images, and slideshows. And you may easily alter them according to your requirements with just one click.

At this point in our Webs website builder review, we’d like to let you know that Webs is somewhat buggy and, according to past user feedback, can be incapacitated at times. However, since quite recently, there has been a big update, and the current version of this popular website builder has a much smoother interface. As a result, you may now simply add, remove, and edit modules without expecting any issues.

Webs website builder gives you two options:

Normal pages

Total 6 different page layout configurations have been provided by Webs. So now, whenever you create a new page you can choose a different layout. Not only that, if you want you can quickly and easily change the page layout later on. The modules and content will be automatically transferred into the new layout. So you can be completely assured that you will not lose any information.

Specialty Pages

Webs also provide specific, pre-structured web pages, commonly referred to as their “Specialty Pages”.  Different pages dedicated to web stores, membership, videos, blogs, forums, appointments, and guest books can be found on these web pages. They’re easy to find on the App Store, and they’re really useful if you need them.

Just keep in mind that the format of these “App Pages” is pre-determined. As a result, unlike “normal pages,” you will not be able to drag and drop any module into these pages. Making a website with Webs is both exciting and simple. Webs website builder has a lot of functionality, yet it’s set up in such a way that even a beginner can use it.

Webs Website Templates

Webs’ website templates are both mobile-friendly and attractive. Webs website builder has a total of over 500 designs from which you can choose the optimal one.

Webs website builder has a vast number of templates to choose from. These Webs themes are also divided into categories based on your industry interests. There are over 20 different industries to choose from, so you can simply choose one that fits your needs. These categories are broken into subcategories, and you may see a larger version of any of these templates by just clicking on it. You cannot, however, modify the HTML or CSS of the templates, unlike others. So, if you want to employ a professional website design specialist to make changes to the design for you, Webs is not an option. Webs, on the other hand, offers a wide range of customisation choices. Some of these themes include different color schemes and you can change the background image or color if you desire. The navigation bar, body, and footer styles on the front can all be modified. When you compare Webs to other platforms, you’ll notice that the versatility and template selection are limited. Even so, Webs makes it simple to create a solid website.

These services also include adapting mobile templates, ensuring that your website is always mobile-friendly. Webs website builder also has a lot more possibilities than other website builders. Most website builders will provide you a default mobile design that you can’t change. There are a total of 6 mobile template styles from which to choose one that matches the color scheme of your website. This is a terrific Webs tool that allows you to manage your mobile website without having to pay for another one.

Webs Website Builder: Pricing Structure

Webs is a website builder that provides a wide range of online solutions. There are a total of four bundles included. This Webs website builder review has all of the information you will need to decide on the most suitable pricing structure to suit your needs.

Webs website builder has all of the practical and advanced tools you’ll need to create a strong online presence. You can add product descriptions, photos, and prices. You can also customize shipping and tax choices, as well as product versions, so that visitors can quickly choose between multiple versions of the same product. The status of the product can also be changed. You may also organize your products into different categories to make sorting easier for both you and your customers.

There are a total of four options available:

• Free
• Starter
• Enhanced
• Pro

Monthly costs are absolutely affordable but after that, it will be on the higher side. The free package will cost you $114.95 and up after 1 month. The Starter is available for $1.95 in the first month. From the next month onwards it will cost you $22.95 per month. The next package is Enhanced which will cost you $2.95 for the first month and later on it will cost you $32.95. And the last one is the Pro which will cost you $3.95 for the first month and after that $42.95 per month.

If you are a premium account holder you can access the inventory tracking system which helps you to track and manage your product directly in Webs dashboard. Apart from PayPal, many other payment options are available. In short, in this Webs website builder review, we would like to include that this website builder offers a decent amount of features to create a professional e-commerce site. And if you want to take maximum advantages of these tools you have to take premium membership. Another important thing is Webs does not take transaction fee for each of your sale which is entirely a profitable deal.

Webs website builder review: Hosting and export options

Free hosting is available with Webs’ website builder. To learn more, see our Webs website builder review.

Webs Website Builder is also used for free hosting in addition to paid hosting. You do not have to pay anything to use Webs Website Builder to construct your website, even if you do not subscribe to any of the paid plans. Webs Website Builder will take care of any technical issues that emerge and will also ensure that your website is operational.

The disadvantage of the free plan is that it only offers limited storage and bandwidth. A limited number of Webs Website Templates and Webs Themes are also available to free plan users. However, if you are a regular user, you can use this restricted storage to create a rudimentary website. By subscribing to the subscription plans, you may always increase your storage, templates, themes, and, most importantly, bandwidth.

One serious flaw that many discover over time is that there is a lack of exporting functionality. If you choose to utilize another website construction platform or allow your own site to be hosted, you might not be able to take the website with you.

If you’ve used Wix before, you’re probably aware that the same restriction applies. If you really need the exporting feature, you might want to look towards Weebly or Squarespace, as they are more well-known for it. So you can figure out what you need and make a decision based on it. You can utilize the Webs Website Builder if you don’t need the exporting capability, but if you need, you should explore for other choices on the market.

Webs website builder review: SEO

With Webs website builder, you can optimize all of the basic Search Engine Optimization functions. Follow this Webs website builder review to be at the top of the major search engines.

If you’re a Webs customer, you may quickly optimize your entire website’s basic SEO functions, such as page titles and meta descriptions. However, if you want to edit individual page titles, descriptions, or Meta tags, you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan. Additionally, the internal traffic tracking tool allows you to see how many visitors or page views you get per month, as well as traffic sources, monthly averages, and more. You can use Google Analytics instead of Webs tracking tool if you choose. A “Settings” tab may be found in webs’s dashboard. Simply paste the tracking code you received from Google Analytics and you’re done.

Webs website builder review: Customer Support

The Webs website builder is well-known for its extensive support. I n order to keep the top Web sites running, customer service is crucial, which hopefully you don’t need to discover the hard way.

You can get e-mail customer assistance if you subscribe to one of Webs Website Builder’s Premium plans. It’s now interesting to learn that the level of support differs depending on the plan. Customer interaction is limited to e-mail for the basic package. E-mail plus live chat is included in the Enhanced plan, while e-mail plus live chat plus phone support is included in the Pro plan.

The free plans, on the other hand, have very little support, which is restricted to forum conversations only. This implies that without a subscription, you won’t be able to get much help. We can understand and comprehend the entire management and administration framework for offering customer support services. Giving extra benefits to paying clients is a good idea. Customers are willing to pay extra for the best features, and businesses should not skimp on providing those benefits.


If you are a small scale business or an individual entrepreneur and want to build a fully functional

If you are a small business owner or an individual entrepreneur looking to create a fully functional online store for your company, Webs website builder is the ideal solution. There are numerous useful features and Apps provided. You may also create a membership sign-up website, which is a fantastic option. Only a few website builders offer this option. The advantage of this feature is that it eliminates the need to install an external membership system, which could cause issues with the website builder.

Overall, it’s an easy-to-use website builder. However, Webs website templates provide a restricted number of alternatives. Though there are some great customization possibilities available, Webs website builder is the best option for you if you want something mobile-friendly. We recommend that you start with a free website. Recognize the concept as well as the tools. Then you can pick whether or not you wish to update it. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can rest confident that you are not putting your money or business at risk. I hope you found our Webs website builder review to be helpful. Thank you for visiting and please don’t hesitate to browse around and check out our other website builder reviews.