Webs website builder review: Strengths and Drawbacks

Webs website builder has been around since 2001 and still, it continues to be on the top of the popularity. Over 55 million websites have been built on Webs website builder and customers are extremely satisfied with their services. In this Webs website builder review, we are going to explore why this website builder is so popular and loved by the customers across the globe.  Webs website builder generally targets the small scale businesses and individual entrepreneurs. You can build your personal website or a non-profit website too with the help of this amazing website builder. But the tools of Webs are slightly more geared towards small businesses and that is why people prefer this for small scale businesses. Now, you can easily understand that powering 55 million websites and attracting so many users is not an easy job and definitely an impressive achievement. And this predominant website builder has been around since 2001 so you can surely rely on it as it will be there for a longer time which is definitely an important consideration for each and every website owner. Now, let’s check out the highlights of this website builder.

• Webs website builder is absolutely user-friendly and provides drag and drop facility for their valuable customers.
• You can build membership sites directly on their websites which are an exclusive feature.
• Webs App Store is wonderful that gives you the power to integrate more advanced features and third party tools directly into your best Webs website.

Webs website builder review: Ease of use

Webs website builder comes with drag and drop facility. So building the best Webs websites will be absolutely easy and pretty intuitive for you.

First of all, Webs does a commendable job by creating the entire website in front of you and the most amazing thing is you can actually see how your website will look like after publishing. Second, the drag and drop builder gives you the power to drag modules such as paragraphs, pictures, slideshow etc into your website. And with just one click you can effortlessly edit them according to your preferences. At this point of time in this Webs website builder review, we would like to inform you that Webs was pretty buggy and can be incapacitated at times according to the past users’ feedback. But from 2012 onward significant overhaul has been seen and the current version of this predominant website builder provides a much smoother interface. So now, you can easily add modules, remove them and can edit them too.


Webs website builder gives you two options:-


Normal pages

Total 6 different page layout configurations have been provided by Webs. So now, whenever you create a new page you can choose a different layout. Not only that, if you want you can change the page layout later on. And that time the modules or the content will be automatically transferred into the new layout. So you can be completely assured that you will not mislay any information.


Specialty Pages

Webs also offer dedicated pre-set structured WebPages which is also known as “specialty pages”. These web pages include different pages dedicated to web stores, membership, videos, blogs, forums, appointments and guest books. You can easily find them in App Store and these are utterly helpful if you need them.

Just keep in mind that these “App Pages” are pre-set in structure. So you cannot use drag and drop facility to drag any module into these pages like you do in “normal pages”. Making website on Webs is pretty much interesting and unfussy.  Webs website builder provides many features but in a simple way so that even a beginner can use it quite easily.


Webs website templates

Webs website templates are mobile-optimized and beautiful. Total 450 designs are available on Webs website builder among which you can choose the best one.

Webs website builder provides a fairly large collection of templates. And these Webs themes are categorized according to your industry preferences. 20 different industries are available so that you can easily find one that caters to your industry. These categories are divided into subcategories and just by clicking on any of these templates you can see the bigger version of it. However, unlike others, you cannot edit the HTML or CSS of the templates. So if you want to hire a competent professional, who can modify the design for you, you won’t get that option with Webs. But with Webs, you’ll get various customization options. Some of these themes come with various color schemes and if you want you can change the background image or color. The front style of the navigation bar, body or footer can be customized too. But if you compare Webs with others, you can see that the flexibility and template selection is not very comprehensive. Still, you can build a professional website with Webs quite easily.

These are also customizing mobile templates so your website will be always mobile ready. And the options provided by Webs website builder are lot more than other website builders. Most of the website builders will provide a generic mobile design which cannot be customized. Total 6 mobile template designs are available among which you can choose the one which matches your website color scheme. This is a fantastic feature provided by Webs through which you can control your mobile website without paying for another one.


Webs website builder: Pricing Structure

Webs website builder offers pretty comprehensive web solutions. Total 4 packages are included. You can check the details in this Webs website builder review.

Webs website builder offers all those practical and advanced features which you need for building an excellent online presence. You can insert descriptions, product images and prices. You can also set shipping options, tax options, and can configure product versions through which the visitors can easily select different versions of the same product. Product status can be configured too. And for easier sorting, you can set your products in different categories.

Total 4 options are available which are

• Free
• Starter
• Enhanced and
• Pro

Monthly costs are absolutely affordable but after that, it will be on the higher side. The free package will cost you $114.95 and up after 1 month. The Starter is available for $1.95 in the first month. From the next month onwards it will cost you $22.95 per month. The next package is Enhanced which will cost you $2.95 for the first month and later on it will cost you $32.95. And the last one is the Pro which will cost you $3.95 for the first month and after that $42.95 per month.

If you are a premium account holder you can access the inventory tracking system which helps you to track and manage your product directly in Webs dashboard. Apart from PayPal, many other payment options are available. In short, in this Webs website builder review, we would like to include that this website builder offers a decent amount of features to create a professional e-commerce site. And if you want to take maximum advantages of these tools you have to take premium membership. Another important thing is Webs does not take transaction fee for each of your sale which is entirely a profitable deal.



Webs Pricing Table

Webs website builder review: Hosting and export options

Webs website builder gives free hosting options. Follow our Webs website builder review to know more about it.

Other than paid hosting, Webs Website Builder is also used for free hosting. You do not need to pay a single penny, even if you are not subscribing to any of the paid plans, you can still use Webs Website Builder to design your website. If any technical issue arises, Webs Website Builder will take care of that and will also ensure the working of your website.

The drawback of the free plan is that only a limited storage is provided with a limited bandwidth. Also, only a limited Webs Website Templates and a limited number of Webs Themes are given to the free plan user. But if you are a normal user, then this limited storage can be used to establish a basic website. You always have the option to expand your storage, templates, themes and especially bandwidth by subscribing to the paid plans.

One severe demerit which people experience with time is that there is a dearth of the exporting function. Suppose you wish to use another website building site or you wish to allow your own site to be hosted, then you possibly cannot take the website with yourself.

If you have already used WIX and Jimdo, you might know that the same restriction is there also. If you want the exporting function so dearly, then you can perhaps check out Weekly or Squarespace, as they are better known for this export function. So you can decide what your need is and then plan your choice accordingly. If you don’t have any use of the exporting function, you can use the Webs Website Builder but if there are other requirements, then just try to look for other options which are available in the market.


Webs website builder Review: SEO

All the basic SEO functions can be optimized with Webs website builder. So to be on the top of the major search engines follow this Webs website builder review.

If you are a Webs customer you can easily optimist the basic SEO functions for your overall website which includes titles and descriptions. But if you want to customize the title, description or Meta tags for individual pages then you have to take a paid plan. Along with that, the internal traffic tracking tool enables you to check how many visitors you are getting per month or the number of page views, traffic sources, monthly averages etc. If you want you can go for Google Analytics instead of Webs tracking tool. In Webs dashboard you’ll get a “Settings” tab. Just insert the snippet of tracking code you get from Google Analytics and work is done.



Webs website builder review: Customer Support

Webs website builder is popular for predominant support. And to maintain the best Webs websites customer support plays an important role.

After subscribing to the Webs Website Builder’s premium plans, you can avail the e-mail customer support. Now it is interesting to know that the support varies as per plan. For starter plan, e-mail is the only scope of customer interaction. For enhanced plan, it is e-mail plus live chat and for pro plan, it is e-mail plus live chat plus phone support.

However, for the free plans, the support is very restrictive and it is limited to forum discussions only. This means that without subscription one cannot seek much guidance. The whole management and administration structure of providing with the customer support services are understandable and comprehensible to us. It is wise to give more benefits to the paying customers. The customers pay more to avail the optimum features and they should not make a compromise in giving the facilities to the customers.



If you are a small scale business or an individual entrepreneur and want to build a fully functional online store for your business then Webs website builder will be the perfect option for you. Lots of practical features and Apps are available. Along with that, you can set up a membership sign up website which is a wonderful feature. This feature is provided by very few website builders. The benefit of this feature is you don’t have to install an external membership system which can create a conflict with the website builder. Overall it’s a user-friendly website builder. But the options of Webs website templates are somehow limited. Though some decent customization options are available and if you want something mobile-friendly then Webs website builder will be the best option for you. We will suggest you to start with a free website. Understand the concept and tools. Then decide whether you want to upgrade it or not. It also offers 30 days money-back guarantee so you can be completely assured that you are not taking any financial risk. Hope you enjoyed this Webs website builder review. Many thanks for joining us.