Strikingly Website Builder Review

The user-friendliness of the Strikingly website builder is well-known. In the next section of our Strikingly website builder review, you’ll learn all about it!

Strikingly’s new approach is quite impressive, and the reason for this is that the goal is to make this platform as simple as possible so that even a beginner can use it to create stunning results. T his allows for easy customization and control. You should keep in mind that, unlike other site builders, you will not be able to add page elements. Instead, you can add or move between sections, and you’ll see it as you scroll down the page. You can add items within a section, and the theme will direct them as well. If you’re working on the employee area, for example, you may quickly add another employee’s information, which should be designed similarly to the present one.

Some sections, on the other hand, have a Change Layout button that allows you to shift photographs or sentences from left to right or vice versa. In a nutshell, you can add or remove parts.
You’ll also get access to 17 different stunning themes, including blogs, material in columns or rows, galleries, forms, and social feeds. The most important feature is the ability to include third-party site widgets like Facebook comments, SoundCloud playlists, Medium feeds, and PayPal payment buttons. Some apps, however, require a pro account to access them. However, even if you don’t know how to code, you may use this platform pretty easily. If you’re a computer wizard, you can utilize their complex HTML/CSS editor to change the header and footer of your website.

Strikingly Review: Ease of use

Now, if you can focus on the Strikingly templates at first, you will be blown away by their designs, which are quite remarkable. You can easily alter the color and background, but only for a small portion of the page. Aside from that, there are a number of useful options such as title, SEO descriptions, domain name, navigation and menus, privacy, mobile actions (which requires a pro account), collaborators (Pro), custom code (Pro), and as previously mentioned, languages.

Strikingly Review: Features and Flexibility

The features are eye-catching and well-designed. In this Strikingly review, we’ll go over all of these fantastic features in detail.

Surprisingly, it has all of the features you’d expect from a one-page website builder. You may add your own content, enable various sections like media blocks, contact forms, and info boxes, as well as create a custom domain and make minor design modifications.
Aside from that, you can use the system’s integrated monitoring tool to add Meta tags and monitor the performance of your site. You can even add a shopping cart to your site if you wish to sell your products. Now let’s take a closer look at these incredible features.

Strikingly website builder review

With the Strikingly website builder, you can create gorgeous websites. It features a useful function that allows you to save photographs that you want to upload to its online storage and then use those images elsewhere on your site later. However, you will not be able to upload images to the Who We Are / About Us area since you can only add photos to the section that you have chosen for photos. Because the photo upload dialogue supports drag and drop, multiple files can be added. You can also include photographs and videos in the gallery section, but keep in mind that those media must be hosted.
Additionally, Strikingly allows you to upload a custom favicon, which means a little image appears next to the site title in the browser tab. You’ll appreciate their excellent online photo editor, Aviary, which provides you the power to conduct any kind of image enhancement and modifications on your site. And all of these elements are capable of making your website look fantastic and engaging.

Strikingly Mobile Compatibility

Strikingly is a professional website builder that creates attractive, functional websites that are compatible with any smartphone or tablet device. Every Strikingly theme is fully responsive. You’ll also have access to mobile-specific features like click-to-call. Take advantage of the IOS app if you want to manage your Strikingly website all at once. You won’t have to contact the server many times to get different pages. This fantastic platform also has touch-friendly menus, making it the perfect platform for mobile compatibility.

Strikingly Ecommerce

To begin, you can add a variety of products to increase your sales with Strikingly ecommerce. You can also use a Strikingly theme to give your site a stylish and contemporary appearance. There are some well-designed features here, such as order tracking and so on. After you’ve set up the payment method, go to the Order Management Dashboard. Using PayPal or Stripe, you can effortlessly accept credit card payments.
Pro users can generate discount coupons for their most valuable clients, and the purchase receipt can be emailed straight to their accounts. There will be no transaction fees applied to your purchases. You only have to pay the transaction cost charged by PayPal or Stripe.
You can only sell one product on the free plan. You can sell up to 5 products if you choose the Limited plan, and up to 20 products if you choose the Pro plan. This section also includes the following crucial features:

• Google Analytics website tracking
• Secure password protection
• A/B split testing and advanced comparison
• Mobile-friendly features and Pagespeed optimization

Strikingly Blog Feature 

Blogs are very crucial for both business promotion and search engine optimization – SEO. So, all you have to do to start a blog is add a Blog section to the appropriate page. You can include videos, quotes, photographs, and call-to-action buttons in a new blog post simply by generating one. You may also quickly reorganize your material using the editor’s drag and drop capability. You can also use a basic UI to personalize your posts if you like. Aside from that, the Strikingly blog has SEO features, a commenting system and social sharing options.

Strikingly Pricing

Strikingly website builder offers 4 packages. And the best part of the Strikingly pricing structure is one of them is absolutely free!

Strikingly Free Website Maker

Of the four different packages available, the first of which includes 5 GB of monthly bandwidth at no cost. So, if you sign up for this free account, you’ll be able to create a fantastic one-page website using the Strikingly subdomain. With the help of this fantastic plan, you can also sell one product. You can sign up for this free plan with just your e-mail address.

Strikingly Premium Packages

Now, if you are looking for a custom domain name or want to unlock advanced tools you need to upgrade your account. Three options are available here. You can select either Limited, Pro or VIP. You have the possibility to pay monthly, yearly and even for 2 years, 3 years or 5 years in advance for some massive discounts. The Strikingly pricing structure is very reasonable and offers great value within each package:

Strikingly Limited Plan

Their Limited plan is a wonderful option for smaller businesses looking to grow and scale. If would like to pay annually, it will cost $8 per month or $12 per month if you just pay each month. This is a big discount for paying 12 months in advance.

Up to 50 GB monthly bandwidth is available, along with 1 GB of storage per website with a custom domain name and free SSL certificate. The main benefit is getting full access to the outstanding Strikingly website builder. Along with that, you can sell up to 5 products online with a 5% transaction fee.

Strikingly Pro Plan

The Pro plan is Skrikingly’s most popular choice and we can see why. This one will cost you $16 monthly if paid annually or $20 per month ongoing. Again, this is another big discount in your yearly website costs if you pay the full 12 months in advance.

The Pro package includes everything in the Limited package… and more! For example, you can have 3 Pro sites, you can sell up to 300 products 3 GB storage per site, 2% transaction fees and Unlimited Bandwidth – this is really awesome value!

You’ll get various additional benefits, such as:

• You can customize the Checkout

  • Pop-ups
  • Custom fonts
  • The ability to embed custom code
  • Mobile action buttons
  • HTML, CSS and JavaScript availability
  • Restore historical backups to a previous version of your website
  • Paid subscription memberships
  • A free custom domain name and email
  • password protection for your website
  • Advanced image editing

Strikingly VIP Plan

The VIP plan includes everything from the Pro plan, plus lots more as well. It costs $59 per month or if you pay annually, just $49 per month – which is exceptional value.

So it includes 5 VIP websites, 10 GB storage space per website and a wide range of special benefits and features including:

  • Live chat widget
  • Multiple membership tiers
  • 2000 active contact – so you can send them newsletters and make them members of your site
  • Phone support in English
  • Dedicated account manager

One of the biggers benefits to Strikingly’s VIP plan is the 0% transaction fees – wow! You can also sell up to 500 products, add product variations, discount coupons set shipping regions etc.

Strikingly Review: Customer Support

The Strikingly website builder offers a lot of support and useful advice. That is why many people are searching for a Strikingly website builder review in order to learn more about it.

Strikingly e-commerce offers over a dozen categories as well as a variety of other capabilities. As a result, you may require assistance in order to gain the most from it.

First and foremost, there is an FAQ section with all of your questions and their solutions. You’ll get everything from technical support to design guidance. As a result, you can use the help section of our website maker to look up the answer to your issue. Aside from that, other articles and blogs are routinely produced to keep consumers up to date on new Strikingly features. As a result, you can see why the help section contains so much useful information.

You can also share any fresh ideas or design tips on their entertaining and imaginative Idea Forum. Still, if you have an issue, you can send them an email or leave a message in their message box, and they will usually respond within 24 hours. You’ll also see a checkbox where you may select whether or not to include screenshots. Only problem is that you can’t join a live chat with them or even call them directly, unless you are on the VIP plan.

Strikingly Website Builder Conclusion

Despite lacking some of the latest add-ons, many love this platform because of its simplicity. Strikingly’s website builder is both extensive and affordable. It takes a different strategy than the majority of the others. Nowadays, mobile adaptability is critical for both business marketing and market credibility. The templates and themes are incredibly attractive and responsive. We discovered while writing this Strikingly review that its design principles are superior to those of other website builders. It differs from the competition not only in that it does not allow you to create multi-page sites, but it also has a content part that its competitors lack. You can also monitor the performance of your website, which is a fantastic feature. Another useful feature is the ability to track your traffic sources or the nation of origin of your important customers. Apart from that, if you focus on the blogging section, you’ll notice that you may add a variety of content types here, including photographs, text, videos, link buttons, separators, and quotations. To deliver the ultimate review, we tried every facet of this amazing platform. We hope you found it interesting and above all, helpful. So, without wasting any more time, we recommend that you go ahead and get started with Strikingly right now.