Strikingly review: things you must know about it

Single page designs are popular for their extreme advantages and flaws too. But nowadays, people have a tendency to skip the whole paragraph or the page. They don’t like to read it fully. In that case running a single-page site is a brilliant idea get people’s attention on your products and services. So if you want to use this unusual format to build your website then you should take the help of this one-page website builder. It is as simple as Facebook account creation. The Strikingly website builder is the best solution for creating a beautiful one-page website for your business. It is user-friendly and surely helps you to amplify your productivity. Just a few months ago Strikingly has released the latest version of this amazing website builder which is actually the fourth version of it. Here you can integrate a shopping cart, add a blog or even easily switch templates. Apart from that, various other improvements are there which is enough to build an amazing one-page website and for conveying your message to your valuable customers.

Strikingly review: Ease of use

The Strikingly website builder is known for its user-friendliness. Get information about it in the next section of our Strikingly website builder review.

The fresh approach of Strikingly website builder is utterly impressive and the reason behind this approach is to make this platform as easy as possible so that even a beginner can access it quite easily. So this comes with an easy customization and control. You need to remember that unlike other site builders you’ll not get page elements. Instead of that you can add sections or switch among them and you’ll find it as you scroll down the page. You can add elements within one section and that too will be directed by the theme. For an example, if you are working on the employee section, you can easily add one more employee’s information which should be designed just like the existing one. On the other hand, some section gives you the Change Layout button option through which you can swap photos or texts from left to right or vice versa. In short, you can add or remove different sections. Along with that, you will be offered 17 types of beautiful themes and these types include blogs, content in columns or rows, galleries, forms and social feeds. And the biggest facility is you can add third-party site widgets such as Facebook comments, SoundCloud playlists, Medium feed and PayPssal buttons. Though to access some apps you need to have a pro account. But without any coding knowledge, you can access this platform quite easily. And if you are a computer genius you can use their advanced HTML/CSS editor which will give you the power to change site’s header and footer.

Now, if you can concentrate on the Strikingly templates at first you will be impressed with their designs because they are extraordinary. You can effortlessly change the colour and the background but only with a limited section. Apart from that various useful options are available such as title, descriptions for SEO, domain name, navigation privacy, mobile actions which needs a pro account to access it, collaborators (Pro), custom code (Pro), and last but not the least the language where you’ll get 6 options among which English, French, and Spanish is included.

Strikingly review: Features and its Flexibility

Strikingly features are amazing and well designed. We are providing all information about these awesome features in this Strikingly review.

 Strikingly covers each and every feature which you can expect from a one-page website builder. You can upload your own content, enable various sections such as media blocks, contact forms, info boxes, and more or add a custom domain or even can make slight changes in your site design. Apart from that, you can add Meta tags, or view your site’s performance by using the system’s native monitoring application. And if you want to sell your products you can even add a shopping cart to your site. Now let’s check out a detailed analysis of these amazing features.

Strikingly website review

You can build attractive websites with the help of Strikingly website builder. It has a commendable feature through which you can save those images on its online storage which you want to upload and later on you can use those pictures elsewhere on your site. But you cannot add photos to Who We Are section because you can only add photos to that particular section which you have chosen for photos. Multiple files can also be added, as the photo add dialogue has drag and drop facility. You can add photos and video on gallery section too but remember those videos must be hosted. Along with that, with Strikingly, you can add a custom favicon which means in the browser tab the small image appears the next to the site title. A stock button art is included for social media usages and you’ll surely like their powerful online photo editor, Aviary, which gives you the power to do any kind of image enhancement and adjustments on your site. And all these features are powerful enough to make your website look superb and attractive.

Mobile compatibility

Strikingly website builder provides beautiful, functional websites which fit on any mobile or tablets. Each Strikingly theme is 100% responsive. Along with that, you’ll get mobile-specific options like click-to-call. And if you want to manage your Strikingly website on one go, take the help of IOS app. You don’t have to contact the server again and again to fetch separate pages. This excellent platform also provides touch-friendly menus and that is why this is the best platform for mobile compatibility.

 Strikingly e-commerce

First of all, you can add different products to boost up your sales. You can also try different Strikingly theme to give your site stylish look. Pretty well-made features are included here such as order tracking etc. You can check out the Order Management Dashboard after setting up the payment method. You can easily accept credit card payments just by using PayPal or Stripe. Pro users can create coupons for their special customers and the purchasing process can be directly sent to their accounts by email. You’ll not be charged any transaction fees from the purchases. You just have to pay the PayPal or Stripe transaction fee. Under the free plan, you can sell only 1 product. And if you go for the Limited plan you can sell up to 5 products and if you take Pro plan you can sell up to 20 products. Other important features which are included in this section are

• Google Analytics
• password protection
• A/B testing and
• mobile-specific features


Strikingly Templates

Strikingly blog 

Blogs are extremely important for business promotion as well as SEO. So to start a Blog all you have to do is add a Blog section to the particular page. Just by creating a unique new blog post, you can insert a variety of things such as videos, quotes, images or call-to-action buttons. And for the editor’s drag and drop functionality, you can easily rearrange your content. If you want you can also customize your posts with the help of a simple interface. Apart from that, the Strikingly blog has SEO functionalities, commenting mechanism, and social sharing option.

Strikingly pricing

Strikingly website builder offers total 3 packages. And the best part of the Strikingly pricing structure is one of them is absolutely free.

Strikingly is one of the best website builders of the industry which offers an absolutely free plan with attractive features. There are total three packages are available among which the first one is available with 5 GB monthly bandwidth without any cost. So if you go for this free account it will help you to publish an excellent one-page website using Strikingly subdomain. You can also sell one product with the help of this amazing plan. You can join this free plan by just using a simple e-mail address sign up.

Now, if you are looking for custom domain name or want to unlock advanced tools you need to upgrade your account. Two options are available here. You can select either Pro or Limited account.

Their Limited plan is a wonderful option for small scale businesses. If you count you can see that you just have to pay $8 per month which will be billed yearly. Then it will come $96 per year. Up to 50 GB monthly bandwidth is available with a free custom domain name. You’ll also get an email, for your site and full access to the outstanding Strikingly website builder. Along with that, you can sell up to 5 products online.

Last but not the least the Pro plan which will cost you $16 monthly. It will be billed yearly which is going to cost you $192 per year. You’ll get various attractive offers such as

• Unlimited monthly bandwidth;
• Mobile action buttons,
• HTML, CSS and JavaScript availability,
• A free custom domain name and email,
• password protection for your website,
• Advanced image editing.

Apart from that, you can access Strikingly app store and can manage and sell 20 products through your simple store. And if you go for two years plan you can save more. Then the Limited plan will cost you $7 per month and the Pro plan will cost you $14 per month. Both these paid plan comes with 14 days money back guarantee which makes it absolutely risk-free. But still, if you have any budget issue or any kind of other issues you can simply take the free plan.




Strikingly Pricing Table

Strikingly review: Customer Support

Strikingly website builder provides extensive help and guidance. That is why sometimes people look for Strikingly website builder review to know more about it.

You will get over a dozen categories on Strikingly e-commerce and various other features. So might need any help in between to access it. First of all, a FAQ section is included where all your quarries and their solutions are available. You’ll get everything from technical assistance to designing help. So you can search your desired question on the help area of this site builder. Apart from that, various articles and blogs are published frequently to update customers about new Strikingly feature. So you can understand that so much valuable information is given in the help section. And if you have any new idea or design tricks you can share that too on their fun and innovative Idea Forum. Still, if you face any problem you can simply email them or can leave a message on their message box and they generally promise to get back to you within 24 hours. You’ll also get a check box where you can include the screen shots. The only thing is you cannot join a live chat with them or you cannot even call them directly.




Despite having a lack of web tools this platform is loved by people for its simplicity. The Strikingly website builder is comprehensive and cheap. It has a different approach than others. Nowadays, mobile compatibility is extremely important for business promotion as well as for increasing credibility in the market. Strikingly templates and themes are extremely beautiful and responsive. When we were preparing this Strikingly review we noticed that its designed principals are greater than other website builders. It is different from others not only because it cannot let you build multi-page sites but also it is divided by the content section which you cannot find with its competitors. You can also check your website’s performance which is an amazing thing. Tracking your traffic sources or your valuable customer’s country of origin is another excellent feature. Apart from that, if you can concentrate on the blogging section you can see that various things can be added here such as you can add the standard content types: images, text, videos, link buttons, separators, and quotations. We tried each and every aspect of this amazing platform to provide the best review. We hope you enjoyed it. So now, we’ll suggest you that without wasting time just go for it now.