Reviews of Squarespace: Things you must know

If you want an attractive website for your business to promote your products then Squarespace website builder will be the best option for you. It is sleek and user-friendly. This stupendous platform was founded in 2004 and now over thousands of customers are associated with them. From bloggers to businessman everyone has utilised the excellent services provided by this platform and they are extremely satisfied. Now they have recently released the 7th edition which is even more useful for the users. The website manager interface is completely redesigned in this latest edition. Along with that, you will also find

1.     A deep integration with Getty Images,
2.    An integration with Gmail,
3.    A cover page builder,
4.   15 new designs are included which is category-specific,
5.   Google apps for work and much more.

The services of website builder Squarespace are absolutely wonderful and that is why you cannot find it cheap. But you can go for a free trial so that you can understand that this will be a sound investment. You will surely be impressed with the stunning interface and excellent customer support or technical support of Squarespace. It is absolutely uncomplicated and user-friendly, so you can build and host your website quite easily.

Squarespace website templates

Squarespace website templates are beautiful and mobile responsive. You can provide a sophisticated look to your website with these Templates Squarespace.

You will surely be amazed to see Squarespace website templates. Rich imagery and beautiful design are the main attraction of these designer templates. You’ll also be impressed with the high finish quality of these designs through which you can easily understand that their competent designers have spent months to design it. Apart from that, website builder Squarespace also offers the Cover pages. These Cover pages are single scrolling page layout that can be used with these amazing templates. As these Cover pages are extremely popular nowadays, it will definitely take your website’s look to the next level. Another most important feature of Squarespace website templates is its mobile-friendliness. Your website will look great on your potential customers’ mobile. This will amplify the credibility and productivity of your business. You can resize the browser and the content which includes slideshows and images also. As a result, your visitors will get an optimized viewing experience. Additionally, with Squarespace, you’ll get extensive styling option which will not be provided by other website builders because without editing the codes you can simply customize your website. You can adjust the image opacity, background images, font, colour etc very easily even if you are not a coding ninja.


Squarespace Templates

Squarespace website builder: ease of use

Squarespace website builder provides drag and drop facility. It’s too easy and straight forward that you can build your best Squarespace websites quickly.

When we were preparing this Reviews of Squarespace, we have found that with the help of some extensive videos anyone can build a website quite easily. In these videos, you are going to find the proper introduction and usage of those website building tools. This drag and drop website builder has another interesting facility. To create your own content you can simply add Blocks on your website. Only one drawback is here. You have to switch between two screens as they separated the website preview mode and the editing part. But now in this latest 7th edition of Squarespace website builder, they have consolidated their website preview and editing mode. So now you can enjoy building a Squarespace website as on the editing part you can see how your website is going to look like while it will be live. And to provide an attractive look to your online presence just change the style of your content and the pages. Just click on a specific section and they are going to give you the editing option directly. In short, without mess around the codes, you can edit everything on your site.

Review Squarespace: Pricing structure

Website builder Squarespace is affordable and user-friendly. Follow our review Squarespace to know more about the pricing structure.

Generally, if you go to a website designer or developer to build a professional website, they are going to charge you thousands of dollars to create a website. Then also it is not guaranteed that you will be satisfied with the look and feel. But Squarespace website builder enables you to build a professional website yourself. Though unlike others you will not get any free trial but with Squarespace. But 14 days risk free trial is available so that you can thoroughly test this website builder. It makes this amazing platform risk-free as you can try this before using it. Now, if you are satisfied and decided to go with this website builder then you’ll be offered 4 different plans. But if sign up for the annual plan instead of the monthly plan you can save near about 13% to 25%. Now, let’s check out the Squarespace pricing structure.

1. The first one is the Personal plan. If you sign up for the monthly plan you have to pay $16 while if you go for the annual plan you just have to pay $12. So you can save 25%        if    you take the annual plan.
2. The second one is the Business plan. If you choose the monthly plan you have to pay $26 and if you go for the annual plan you have to pay only $18. So here you can save           31%.
3. The third one is Basic (e-commerce) plan for what you have to pay $30 if you choose to pay on a monthly basis and $26 if you choose the annual plan. So you can save here      13%.
4. And the last one is Advanced (e-commerce) plan. Again if you go for the monthly plan you have to pay $46 and if you choose the annual plan you have to pay $40. So here       also you can save 13%.


Squarespace Pricing

Website builder Squarespace offers special packages for e-commerce that are a bit costlier ranges from $26 to $40 per month. They have removed all the transaction fees and included more advanced e-commerce tools. If you go for these above plans you will only have fewer features and you can add fewer products. But if you sign up for this special plan you can add unlimited products for sell.

These four plans are capable enough to create the best Squarespace websites incorporated with unlimited pages. Along with that, you can also include cover pages into your beautiful Squarespace website. Squarespace photography templates or other website templates are so much strong and powerful that it gives you a potential of a professional developer. You can create similar professional websites with Squarespace without investing thousands of dollars. Along with that, if you take the help of a professional developer you have to pay on a monthly basis for the hosting. But with Squarespace, you’ll be getting the website with your host and as it includes all the important services to their plans you’ll get the free time to concentrate on your business.

Squarespace website reviews: SEO and blog

Squarespace SEO services are way better than others. In this review Squarespace, you’ll find the Squarespace blog review too. Have a look.

SEO is extremely important for each and every website. To fetch the maximum productivity you need to attract the visitors’ attention first because later on, only those visitors will be converted into buyers. Blogs play an important role in SEO. Squarespace website builder blogs are divided into two parts – Blog Pages and individual Blog posts. The Blog page is your blog’s landing page which will display multiple posts in the blog list and grid. It will depend on your Squarespace website templates. The blog lists will show short teaser excerpts or the full post content and the blog grid can include text and will show the thumbnail images for each post. You’ll have multiple Blog pages on your site and the best Squarespace template for blog has some special blog features such as sidebars. Now, if you can concentrate on a Blog post you’ll see that Blog posts are sub-pages of Blog posts. It has its own page and a dedicated URL. But the layout, designing options and special features will vary according to the template.

Squarespace website builder offers each and every feature to optimize all the basic functions of SEO such as the descriptions and the title for each web page and also for your overall website. It also creates pages with clean HTML markup which are easily indexable by major search engines. When we review Squarespace we found that this is offered by other leading website builders also but one thing is special about Squarespace website builder which makes it stand apart from the others. With other drag and drop website builders, your web page title should be absolutely same as your web page address but with Squarespace, you can customize your website URL or address which is more SEO friendly. A sitemap will be also created which you can submit through Google Webmaster tool. A sitemap is actually a website map which tells Google where to crawl and index. Squarespace will also inform you about the data of your website incorporated with a real-time analytics dashboard through which you can easily track your daily, hourly, weekly and monthly traffic. Along with that, you will be informed about the most popular content, the mobile usage etc. We will recommend you to use Squarespace’s own tracking and Google Analytics both to get proper information.

Review Squarespace: Customer Support

Squarespace website builder offers excellent customer support. When we review Squarespace we found various options are available for the users.

Website builder Squarespace is truly impressive for their customer support. You must appreciate their large bank of frequently asked questions which is also known as FAQs. They have a well-trained customer support and they promise to response within 15 minutes. The time starts when the contact is being made. So many hosting companies are ruling this industry nowadays. But you cannot find this dedication with other hosting companies. The help desk of this excellent platform comprised competent professionals. All are experienced Squarespace users and members. They don’t outsource people or it’s not a call centre. But still, you’ll get support 24/7. Apart from that, you can contact them through email. It is also assured that you will get the answer within 1 hour time. In short, customer satisfaction is their best motto and you cannot find this dedication level on other site builders.


Squarespace is one of the leading brands which allow you to create professional looking website with their best Squarespace themes and templates. People spent thousands of dollars to get their custom-built website. But the same impression can be created without spending a lot of money only with the help of Squarespace website builder. Their styling option will give you the flexibility to customize your website and if you have that designer eye you can surely create a powerful impression on your valuable customers through your website. Squarespace is a comprehensive knowledge base forum. Here you’ll find the workshop videos which will guide you about everything. Along with that, the 14 days trial option is a good facility which minimizes the risk because you don’t have to use your credit card before this 14 days trial. And if you are worried about the hosting part then Squarespace will be the ultimate solution for you because they are going to take care of all your technical needs. Squarespace will host all your websites but you don’t have to pay for that separately. And as they manage the total hosting process, you can simply concentrate on the website building. And to make your website up and running and to protect it from the hackers they are going to take care of the security updates too. They also export your pages and blogs from Squarespace to WordPress which is an excellent feature for the users. We hope that you liked this review and will be equally impressed by Squarespace website builder.