Wix website builder review

Are you looking for more credibility? Then a website will be the easiest solution for you. The internet has provided various different platforms to build a website out of which Wix is the best. This leading website building platform was established in 2006 and has already been recognised as a brand across the globe. Over the last few years, it has worked as a game changer in this website building industry. More than 90 million websites have been hosted by this exceptional website builder. Now you must be wondering why this vast no of people are choosing this platform while so many other platforms are available. We are giving you the best reviews of Wix.





Extraordinary Wix website templates

In this Wix website review, at first, we would like to give you a clear idea about which businesses can build a website with the help of this extraordinary platform. Each and every small business can completely rely on this amazing platform Wix. Generally small scale business wants the desired result at an affordable rate. Wix website templates are impressive and attractive. Along with that, these responsive layouts can be optimised for any mobile devices. And the best part is these attractive templates are exceptionally beautiful and created by competent professionals which will definitely impress your visitors. Wix is an amazing professional website builder which can be used for absolutely free of cost. But if you need any professional feature such as the priority support or the desired domain name then you can select one from the best five premium plans. These premium plans are Connect Domain, Combo, VIP, E-commerce and Unlimited.



Wix Builder :User-friendly Interface

Wix is the best for a non-technical person. The User-friendly interface is one of the preeminent features of Wix which will always take the centre stage in Wix website builder review. You don’t have to be a computer genius or a technology savvy person to build a website here. Numerous attractive templates are available which are designed by experienced professionals. After choosing your desired template you can start editing your site and if you are a beginner you can simply take the help of the video. Each and every template is incorporated with CMS or content management system through which you can easily change or add anything you want on your website. So now, you can effortlessly change the background and the colour of your website. Also, you can change the font and style and if you want you can add various striking pictures and videos too.

Editing is very simple with Wix. Here you can see the exceptional qualities of this platform, which you cannot find in Squarespace or Weebly. You can freely move two objects together and can place them anywhere you want in this drag and drop website builder. Along with that, a toolbar is available through which you can resize them quite easily and if you want you can check the exact pixel size of that object too. You just have to click on an element and the dragging button and the resizing handles will pop up. Apart from that, changing the text and font of your template is also very simple which will give your website a stylish look. You just have to double click on that particular text and your job will be done.




Wix Templates Design

Wix app market

Wix app market is also wonderful. From text, shapes, buttons to social media widgets, everything is accessible here. As you know HTML is the best platform to build a website. So you can also entrench HTML or Flash code. Along with that, if you want to impress your visitors in a different way you can add Spotiffy playlist or Soundcloud which will definitely give them a unique feeling.

The main attraction of Wix is its user-friendliness. When we review Wix, the most impressive thing we found was the site-building interface of Wix. You can easily customise the page design of your content including the alignments, sizes and the no of columns. Additionally, the new Wix parallax scrolling bar enables you to preview your site. But unlike other Wix doesn’t allow you to modify the original template. You can add new pages through which you can change the site navigation hierarchy. Also, you can completely protect these pages with a unique password but for that, you need membership signup. The main administrative interface account is also excellent and better than others.

So in short, in our Wix website builder review, we would like to inform you that, by far they are the most innovative brand and offering you all advanced features with the flexibility of designs which you cannot find in other website builders.



Wix Blogging

Blogging is a vital part of the promotion. In the main site, you will get an element toolbar on which you can find an option called Blog entry. Just click on that to add your blog to your site. Always remember your blog should be unique and excellent so that it can optimise your site on the major search engines. Add a page layout and if you want you can select the single entry style to design your blog perfectly. As you know comments and subscription options will be for your customers and visitors. But you can tag posts and display the best Facebook comments, Disqus comments to attract the maximum visitors on your site.

Wix is completely different from others. Unlike Weebly, Wix offers you a sample blog posting interface on which you can add different pictures, videos or interesting texts. The rich blogging tool of Wix also renders you an extra advantage to schedule a post for later publishing and if you like you can designate it as Featured. So if you are looking for a brilliant blog posting tool, Wix will be the ultimate solution for you.


Website Builder Wix :Mobile friendliness

Wix offers you brilliant designs which are responsive. Wix website templates are always tested in Google’s mobile friendliness platform before goes live. You will see a small Smartphone icon which will be visible at the top of the site. By clicking on that you can easily switch to mobile editing view.  Hiding elements from the mobile screen are also very easy. The Mobile action bar of Wix is an outstanding tool through which your customers can call you or can send you an email directly. And the most attractive portion is you can easily edit a price of an item or product and upload your desired pictures from your mobile phone exactly like Jimod or Weebly’s apps.


Wix review: Pricing structure

When we review Wix we found that you can easily build a stylish and functional website even without knowing the code. This will be absolutely cheaper if you compare it with the industry standard. And the most amazing thing is you can try Wix for free as long as you want. So you’ll get complete freedom to test if it suits your needs or not.  Apart from that, unlike others, you’ll not have any pressure to upgrade it. Now, if you are satisfied with their services and want to access more advanced tools then you’ll get 5 different levels of pricing and packages among which you can choose the best one for you. These are

• Connect domain
• Combo
• Unlimited
• E-commerce and

If you take the monthly plan you have to pay more. So if you want to save the amount go for the yearly or 2-year plan. People think that Wix premium plans are towards the high end. But when we review Wix we found that according to the tools and features it’s absolutely reasonable. If you want to take hosting services of Wix you have to pay $4 to $6 per month. Wix incorporates free domain name with each and every plan. Along with that, various other things are also important such as security updates, getting your website linked to your host, designing your own website with the help of drag and drop tool etc. In that case, Wix will be a perfect choice for you which include all important tools in their plans so that you can get the desired result. Along with that, 14 days trial period offer makes it completely risk-free. So just try it now.



Wix Premium Price Plans


Wix Pricing Plans

Wix E-commerce features

Wix offers outstanding E-commerce facilities. But these features are accessible only by their premium members. Wix Shop page is designed with an eye-catching product gallery page where pre-populated sample products are displayed with which you can replace your own products with the help of detailed product editing. You can also add payment gateways and receive payments from your customers anytime. Wix proffers you to add multiple pages such as an about us page, product page, thank you page and so on. You can also offer coupons to your valuable customers and can add a Paypal link on your site which will be the most secure gateway for the customers. You can also go for credit card processing which includes Stripe and Square.

Apart from that, if you would like to trade digital downloads on your site; you can take the help of these third party apps known as Sellfy or POWr. Bitcoin payments are also acceptable in Wix through Snapcard. Another excellent app ShoutOut allows you to send 5,000 emails per month which will be the best promotion for your business. You can also take help of CakeMail, MPZMail, or V.I.Plus for email marketing.


Wix music review

Are you a musician? Then Wix music app will be an excellent platform for you through which you can easily sell music on your site with no transaction fee. Wix music platform is re-launched recently with several excellent features such as Concert Promotion, Add distribution and so on. You can easily add your recorded music here which will be sold immediately. When you sell or promote music in your site it’s immediately got distributed over one hundred popular online music stores which give you the biggest exposure. Along with that, you can easily measure the popularity of your music by measuring the likes and shares. So now, customers can easily buy your music from your attractive online music store created by Wix from anywhere in the world. You can also interact with your fans and let them know about the latest release dates and much more which will increase your popularity vehemently.



Wix Business Website: SEO tool

SEO is a vital tool for your website. It helps you to improve your Google ranking and your site gets maximum visitors. When we were preparing Wix website builder review we especially concentrated on this amazing tool. Always remember optimizing your title and descriptions with relevant keywords can do the best job for you. Try to mark the page title within 60 characters and the description under 160 characters. Domain name is also significant for your business. Choose a unique but attractive domain name to get the visitors attentions. Wix provides complete freedom to their valuable customers. You can stick with the free Wix URLs or with a few click you can also connect your own. Wix covers all the basic needs of SEO settings and it is also Google-friendly so that you can easily optimize your website and can fetch more productivity.



Excellent: Wix customer support

Wix offers comprehensive customer support. If you are a beginner and stuck anywhere in the middle of your work you can easily post your question in their forum and they will answer you as soon as possible. Apart from that, Wix also proffers phone and Email support for their customers. You can call them anytime between 6 am to 5 pm or you can schedule a time when Wix experts can call you back. And if you are a V.I.P member then you can directly call their V.I.P team professionals. The reviews of Wix phone support and other services are excellent according to our survey report.



Wix : Disadvantages and limitations        

Only one thing might disappoint you about Wix. It is the site traffic reporting which is not so impressive with Wix. But we can give you the easiest solution for that. You can take the help of the Web-Stats app or if you want you can create a Google Analytics account which will definitely give you the best review about your website’s performance. Apart from that, with Wix you cannot tweak your website’s source code as Wix doesn’t allow opening up the codes to that users. These slight disadvantages are actually insignificant when you compare it with numerous Wix benefits.




Wix website builder offers you various attractive features. This robust website builder has an immaculate reputation in the market. That is why millions of customers are associated with them and they are very much happy with their predominant services. From various Wix website templates to the ease of use, each and every feature is impressive in this platform. You can also make it responsive and can do the editing of your pictures, videos and products very easily. That is why people prefer this platform to build their professional website because this platform is for everyone. From a small scale business to a business giant anyone can access this platform very easily.

So now if you are a small business you don’t have to spend a lot of money to build your online presence. Wix is here to fulfil your dream at a throwaway price range. Most of the features are also free. You just have to select the colour and background of your favourite Wix website templates and just change the font and style and your work is completely done. Its large third party gallery, excellent user-friendly interface, online media storage, will definitely impress you. We hope you enjoyed this Wix website review. Now without wasting time go for your attractive online presence today with Wix website builder.