Godaddy Website Builder Review: Take an expert opinion

Godaddy is actually a Domain name merchant who created quite an outstanding force in the Domain name world. Over 12 million customers are associated with them and the total creation of domains is near about 59 million. When we review Godaddy we tried to focus on the website building services of Godaddy. Website builder Godaddy comes with an add-on service which is their domain name services. So today, if you buy a domain name from Godaddy you can also build an excellent website for free of cost. Various predominant features make this wonderful site builder the favorite of so many customers such as the ease of use. The set-up is so easy that even a beginner can access it easily. If you are a website owner at the end of the day you need to impress your customers with your website’s usability. Your customers should get a hassle-free experience from your site. Godaddy provides all the features which can make your site constructive and wonderful but you need to pay for that. With other website builders, you have to pay a larger amount at the start. But Godaddy website builder helps you to pay separately only when you want to build a new menu. Here are some of the highlights of website builder Godaddy. Have a look

• Website builder Godaddy provides over 300 sections of templates or themes.
• You can build your site for free if you purchase a domain name from Godaddy.
• Beginner-friendly features.

Godaddy website builder templates

Godaddy website builder templates are known as themes. They separated this Godaddy website builder theme into various industry categories for different customers.

Godaddy is recognized for their spontaneous user interface. All the tools come with drag and drop facility so without any restriction you can easily place them anywhere on your site. Total 300 excellent professional looking templates are available in website builder Godaddy among which you can choose the best one for your business. And if you are a beginner and don’t even know where to start you can simply replace the pre-populated contents like images, texts with your own and you will be absolutely ready to go live. Along with that, if you are not satisfied with the Godaddy website builder templates you can effortlessly adjust the design as these beautiful designs come with CMS or content management system through which you can change or add anything on your site. These beautiful designs are categorized in different industry categories such as

• Health and beauty
• Charity
• Business
• Finance
• Music or entertainment
• Restaurant and so on

So you can select your zone and can choose the best theme for your business.


Godaddy Website Builder Templates

Website builder Godaddy mobile display

Looking for the best mobile responsive site? Follow our website builder Godaddy reviews to know more about Godaddy business website builder.

As you know, standing on an era of Smartphones people generally prefer their mobile rather than using their computer and laptop. You cannot even carry your laptop all the time. So being an owner of a website you have to concentrate on the mobile friendliness of your site so that your potential customers can use it anytime anywhere. Godaddy personal website builder converts your site automatically into a responsive or mobile-friendly site through which your customers can also enjoy the mobile version of your website. Along with that if you want you can hide the central content which will be only displayed on the desktop version of your site from the mobile view. In this Godaddy website builder review we are including this interesting fact but still, we were looking for more granular control over the mobile interface. As a business owner if you want to fetch productivity from your website you need to remember that a meaningful percentage will visit your website from their Smartphones. So always choose a site builder which renders you a strong mobile editor. And if you think that most of your visitors are going to check your website from their Smartphones then you can choose a much stronger website builder than Godaddy

Godaddy personal website builder review hosting options

Godaddy website builder provides predominant hosting options. If you want your website to run fast and smooth you can surely rely on website builder Godaddy.

Once you sign up with Godaddy business website builder they are going to provide you all the hosting services and the most amazing thing is you don’t have to pay an extra amount for that. As with other site builders sometimes you might have to worry about managing the hosting services in a technical way. But with Godaddy website builder WordPress you can be completely assured because they are going to maintain all your technical issues such as security upgrades etc so that you can focus on the other important sides of your business. Along with that if you want you can create different backup points and backup versions to save your essential data. If you made any mistake and want to go for the older version of your site you can do that too. This is an excellent feature which other website builders are not going to offer you.

But when we review Godaddy we found some drawbacks such as they don’t provide the export function which means if you want your website to be out of Godaddy website builder, you are absolutely not allowed do so. This is the main reason that if you disconnect your website from Godaddy some important functions are not going to work anymore and the other hosts cannot adapt those exclusive functions because Godaddy uses a distinctive website building technology. This technology is not going to work properly in other environments.

Godaddy website builder is ideal for which businesses?

Still confused about Godaddy website builder? To take expert opinions go through with this review Godaddy.

When we review Godaddy website builder, we got to know about the price and usability of this wonderful website builder. So according to us if you are a small scale business like restaurant owner, designer, professional lawyer, musician, charity, etc Godaddy website builder will be a perfect solution for you on building a creative site. The prime reason behind that is Godaddy’s user friendliness and predominant customer support. If you are a beginner and non-technical person and wondering how to get a website then you can take the help of Godaddy as to use it you don’t have to be a computer genius. But still, if you face any problem you can easily call the customer support which is available for you 24/7. You can also take multiple backup versions of your business website.

Pricing of Godaddy website builder

Website builder Godaddy is slightly different from others. Follow this Godaddy personal website builder review to know more.

Godaddy website builder doesn’t offer any free trial for their customers. They don’t have even a limited time trial program. However, you can go for their annual plan which offers 45 days no questions asked refund period. And if you go for their monthly plan you will get 48 hours refund period which diminishes a lot of risks because you can at least get the refund if it doesn’t suit you. In this Godaddy website builder review, we are including the three plans which Godaddy business website builder offers. They are

• The first one is Personal plan which includes $5.99 per month which is currently available for $1.00 per month)
• The second one is Business plan which includes $9.99 per month which is currently available for $4.99 per month)
• And the third one is Business Plus which includes $14.99 per month which is currently available for $7.49 per month.

If you can compare the Business plus plan with other website builder’s highest plan you can see that it is much cheaper than those plans. It is because the other website builders provide different e-commerce tools with their highest plans which Godaddy website builder doesn’t. But with Godaddy personal website builder you will get a free domain name and the monthly value of that particular domain is around $12. So obviously it will be a sound investment. Along with that with Godaddy website builder you will get instant support all the time, no matter what plan you have signed up with them. So if you want a wonderful website for your business incorporated with 24/7 customer support Godaddy will be a one stop solution for you.


GoDaddy Website Builder Pricing

Godaddy website builder SEO

Website builder Godaddy gives tremendous support for SEO. Godaddy business website builder review provides all information regarding this. Check this out.

Each and every Godaddy website builder templates come with CMS or content management system through which you can easily change or add anything on your website. So with Godaddy website builder, you can add title and description for each page which is the basic and most important SEO function and needed for each website optimization. Every website builder doesn’t provide this facility all the time. Along with that if you want you can choose their monthly SEO plan which is just $2.69 per month. If you compare this with other investment plans you can see that this is not a huge investment at all. This SEO investment includes various significant services such as

• You can access their keyword tool
• You can also access their topic suggestion tool
• Their Rich Snippet and Market Generator provide security to your website.
• With just one click you can submit your website to 100 different search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and so on.
• You will also get your ranking report and checklist.

You can get all these services manually too but it will be lot more time taking. So to save your effort and time Godaddy website builder will be a perfect solution for you.

Godaddy website builder customer support

Website builder Godaddy provides brilliant customer support. You will get Godaddy website builder help 24/7.

Godaddy website builder is a popular brand known for their predominant customer support. If you face any problem regarding your website you can reach them with minutes. You can simply call them or you can join a live a chat. Along with that email support is also available through which you will get an answer within just half a day. Before providing this Godaddy website builder review we have taken suggestions and viewpoints of various existing customers as well and they also agree that this support is available to you for 24/7 and 365 days a year. And the most amazing thing is unlike other website builders they don’t provide this facility according to your plan. This excellent service is accessible by everyone no matter what plan you are using. But to get their phone support you at least have to subscribe their higher plan but not the highest which is Business Plus. But if you are accessing their basic plan then you can easily avail their other customer supports.

Godaddy website builder conclusion

Godaddy business website builder is stylish and user-friendly. We tried to provide the best website builder Godaddy reviews and we hope you enjoyed it.

Godaddy is a minimalistic builder that helps a non-technical person building his/her professional website. Over 300 website builder templates Godaddy are available. Apart from that Godaddy makes your website up and running when you consider yourself as a non-technical person. Godaddy website builder has a solid reputation for providing customer support through which you can create an eye-catching website without a lot of keyboard bashing. You can also take multiple back-ups of your website which makes it safe and secure. On the other hand, if you want you can revert back to your previous website.

The only drawback of website builder Godaddy is Godaddy website builder themes. If you choose one theme you cannot switch to another one. So before choosing, be careful about that. Another drawback of Godaddy is a lack of e-commerce tools. But these drawbacks are negligible when you focus on the refund policy of Godaddy. So if you want a hassle free website builder which provides the best technical support go for Godaddy now.