Our Privacy Policy



We are a leading brand who compares various commercial entities and their individual products and services. So by clicking on a specific icon to avail any services related to another business you will be directed to their specific page which is controlled and owned by them. We are here to help each and every non-technical person who is an individual entrepreneur or running a small scale business or related to a non-profit organisation.

Our company is committed to protecting every data collected or related with you. Our privacy practices include what information we are collecting from you, what we do with that information, how we are protecting it and also your right to all those information. So by using our services, you are agreeing with these practices described in this privacy policy.


What information we collect from you:

We collect mainly two types of information

  • Personal information which will be provided by you. Personal information includes name, address, email ID, phone number, fax number etc. In short, it distinctively describes or identifies an individual. This information is collected only when a user or a visitor or anyone else provides it to us or contacts us directly.
  • Users and visitors information are collected when you create a user account, register with us, or browse the website or upload any kind of content or information related to you.


What we do with that information:

Personal information is mainly used to provide the best support and services to you. Such information is collected to contact the users and the visitors and also to abide by the laws which are applicable to us. This information is also collected to observe the website’s performance, and for the promotional purpose so that we can inform you frequently about our latest reviews and products and also for improving our individual services. It helps to prevent our website from fraudulent activities and enhances our data security.


How we protect your information:

We may share the information with a third party such as a service provider, the law enforcement officials, and the email service provider or with a customer service operator. Social media contents such as “Facebook like button” or “Google sign in” may collect your IP address or may set a cookie to locate which page you are visiting. These third party service providers always follow their own rules and regulations and they can also be based on anywhere in the world. Our company always comply with the government and the law enforcement officials so we may disclose the information of a user if we get such a compelling request from the government officials.


You have a right to all information

If any information provided is not correct, you can change it and we will retain your information as long as you are associated with us. If you don’t want to get the promotional emails or newsletters you can easily unsubscribe it anytime.

Still, if you have any query regarding our privacy policy you can directly contact us or write us an email.