Snapchat Just Got Degraded

April 18, 2017|by  admin|no comments

From a four star app on both the Apple App Store & Google Playstore it has degraded to just one star. With just a simple interview to Variety (US Media) an ex employee of Snapchat Mr. Anthony Pompliano accused Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel of telling him in September 2015 that “the app is only for Rich People. I don’t want to expand into poor countries like India & Spain”

This statement started it all,  the company lost three star rating in just one day. Both the app & Snapchat CEO was trolled on Twitter tarnishing the Brand image of Snapchat worldwide.

People in India when got to know about the comment of Snapchat CEO started ripping Snapchat on various social media sites. #Boycottsnapchat  became trending on Twitter plus millions of Indian subscribers not just uninstalled the app but started rating it One star which is the least available on both Apple App Store & Google Play store with nasty comments for the CEO left behind.

Snapchat was launched in 2011 as an image messaging & multimedia mobile application. It allowed users to share images that are short lived & self deleting or temporary available on app. Snapchat launched “Stories” format in October 2013 & had around 161 million daily active users till recently. “Stories” includes a chain of photos & video clips with filter & special effects which is the most popular feature of Snapchat.

Recently Facebook & Watsapp have also added the Stories feature on their app.Which makes India a hotspot for every Internet Giant in the World. From Microsoft to Google , Apple to Facebook all the American companies sees India as the most emerging business market in the world. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has always given a special space to India. He has even managed Prime Minister of India on Facebook Townhall. India has huge population of which most of them young generation with internet accessibility. With the help of Government of India Digital Movement India is going forward in Internet Literacy. Which makes India a hotspot for every Internet Giant in the World  From Microsoft to Google, Apple to Facebook all the American companies see India as the most emerging business market in the world. This incident reminds of us to be choosy with words while we speak.

Evan has also being trolled about the app being free to all consumers of Apple App store & Google Play store.

So we now need to see that an App needs to be Country specific or not. App cannot be for poor or rich, a mobile application is for people across all ages, all countries to help in creating Better World to live in.