Jimdo review: Key features of Jimdo website builder

Nowadays, online stores are extremely important to build the credibility in the market as well as to fetch maximum productivity. Jimdo is an outstanding website builder which is capable enough to build an attractive online presence for your business. Their support and company culture is unbeatable. So this international website builder is worth considering especially if English is not your native language. Jimdo website builder is full of exceptional qualities. It is absolutely beginner-friendly and extremely easy to use. This e-commerce oriented website builder will definitely fit your needs and give you a hassle free experience. Jimdo is basically a Germany-based company and supports more than 9 languages. Till now, over 20 million websites have been created by this exceptional website builder and that is why they are recognized for their global presence. When we started reviewing Jimdo we were very much impressed by their passion for helping people to build their dream website for their business. While building a website it is extremely significant to choose the right website builder and now, we would like to inform you that if you are a small scale business or if you want to build a website for your personal use or for an organization then Jimdo will be the right choice for you. Have a look on some highlighted point of this company.

• Jimdo has a presence all around the world. So if English is not your native language it is worth considering.
• If you are proficient with coding Jimdo will give you a tremendous freedom to edit the code of Jimdo website templates as you can access HTML and CSS codes. You can change the design accordingly and if you don’t want to do it right now it gives you the flexibility to do so in the future.
• You can build your desired website without investing anything as it is a free platform. And there is no time limitation so you can remain a free user as long as you want. Various attractive tools are available and most importantly you can sign up with Jimdo website builder without giving your credit card information.

Jimdo review: Ease of Use

Website builder Jimdo is ideal for e-commerce sites. If you are a beginner follow the Jimdo video tutorial to access Jimdo features easily.

If you want to run a heavyweight e-commerce platform then we would like to suggest you not to upgrade Jimdo subscription programme as their e-commerce functions might not satisfy you. But if are looking for a site which does not require strong e-commerce transaction support then Jimdo will be the ideal choice for you. It will help you to build an attractive corporate or personal site for your business. Though they are not a pure drag and drop website builder still, we can ensure you that it is extremely easy to use. You can build a superb website just by adding various elements or website building blocks, on the page such as galleries, pictures, paragraphs etc. And the most amazing thing is when you start building the website, what you see in front you, is going to be what it will be after publishing. So you don’t have to flip back and forth between the publishing mode and the editing mode. Overall, this website builder Jimdo is very much comprehensive and you can add elements just by investing few minutes.

Jimdo Templates

Jimdo website builder offers over 120 templates. Choose the best one from various beautiful Jimdo templates to build an excellent online presence.

If you want to give your website an attractive look templates are extremely important. It will help you to get customers attention so that they can stay on your website for long. Jimdo offers you more than 120 templates but they are not mobile ready so you have to use a mobile editor to make your website mobile friendly. From their vast collection of Jimdo website templates, you’ll find a much smaller collection of mobile responsive designs. Currently, the number of that responsive design is only 15. But these 15 designs are 100% mobile responsive which means if you use one of them your website will look great on any device. Your customer can navigate it anytime from their mobile phones or tablets and they don’t have to zoom anything to check it. So try Jimdo templates once and you’ll surely fall in love with it.


Jimdo Templates

Jimdo review: Mobile Apps

Jimdo website builder offers free mobile apps. Get full information from our Jimdo review.

Now, you can create, edit or monitor your website even if you are not in front of your computer. With the help of Jimdo website builder, you can create excellent iOS and Android apps which can be installed on your iPhone, Android phone or iPad. It will surely amplify your productivity as you’ll be available for 24/7 on your customers’ mobile phone. So they can access it anytime. Along with that, it is absolutely free so without investing anything now you can increase your productivity and credibility in the market. You can add beautiful photos, galleries, text or even blogs directly from your mobile devices. Website’s performance is equally important as website building. With the help of these amazing mobile apps, you can even monitor your website’s statistics at one go and Jimdo gives a stupendous performance. So you can be completely assured that this website builder doesn’t fail here at all.

Jimdo Pricing

Website builder Jimdo offers total three striking plans. Jimdo pricing structure is also commendable. Have a look.

If you want to build an attractive online presence with Jimdo website builder you can choose Jimdo Pro or Jimdo Business plan which is reasonable and full of various e-commerce tools and infrastructure. Though, it includes a lot of manual work which you can complete with the help of other website builders. And if you want to incorporate a payment option on your website you have to use a third-party shopping cart. It will be an added cost but Jimdo customers do not have to worry about that. It’s dedicated customer support will always be there for you. This care for their customers and their passion and enthusiasm towards their work is very rare in this industry. So you’ll be the utmost priority for them.

Now, if you look at the Jimdo pricing structure you can see that Jimdo Pro will cost you $90 per year which comes $7.50 per month. And if you go with Jimdo Business plan you have to pay $240 per year which comes $20 per month. And if you are not comfortable with both this plan you can simply stay free for lifetime. According to us, their free plan is also good and the paid plans are truly worth the investment if you are serious and passionate about your online store.


Jimdo Pricing Table

Jimdo review: SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Jimdo website builder is absolutely search engine optimized. Check out our Jimdo review and make your website absolutely search engine friendly.

SEO or search engine optimization is a vital segment for each and every online presence. You can reach the top pages of major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc and can get maximum visitors with the help of this amazing tool. Later on, those visitors will be converted into buyers which will surely increase your productivity. Jimdo website builder gives you the power to modify the global SEO settings but that is for free Jimdo websites. If you want further SEO optimization you can simply adapt a Meta tag for each and every individual page. But to do so you have to become a paid member. Either you have to go for Jimdo Pro plan or you can take Jimdo Business plan. Along with that, Jimdo also includes excellent video tutorials for SEO on their website which is a nice feature and support for each and every customer. After reviewing so many website builders we have seen lots of websites are not performing up to the mark in search engine ranking. But with website builder Jimdo you can be completely assured regarding that as we have seen Jimdo websites on the first page of major search engines. So never be discouraged by others opinion. Always remember SEO is all about planning, persistence and technique. So try Jimdo website builder for SEO and you’ll surely not be disappointed.

Jimdo review: Hosting and export options

Website builder Jimdo is a free hosting platform. So to take the advantages go for Jimdo website builder now.

Jimdo offers various plans among which you’ll get a free plan where you can access the tools without paying anything. Today we would like to include that even if you are taking the free plan you don’t have to pay for the hosting part separately as Jimdo hosts all websites for you without taking an extra cost. They are going to take care of all the security upgrades, backups. Not only that, they will take care of all the technical stuff too so that you can be completely assured that your website is always up and running and will never get hacked. So now, you can concentrate on other things as Jimdo is going to take care of all the kinds of stuff. Just one drawback is founded here. As they don’t have an official export function, you cannot leave Jimdo or cannot take your website to host it somewhere else. So we’ll suggest you just try it for free and check if it shoots your needs or not.

Jimdo Support

Looking for an excellent customer support? Jimdo website builder is recognised all over the world for their extraordinary Jimdo support.

We would like to include in this Jimdo website review that they are the best when it comes to providing customer support. If you are a paid member of Jimdo you will get the response within 1 to 2 business days which is absolutely commendable. And if you sign up for free you might get a slightly slow response. You can join a live chat with their technical team. The time of that particular live chat is 9 am to 5 pm PST. You can also send them an email regarding your quarry. In short, with them you can be relaxed that a technical hand will always be there for you.


If you are small or medium size business or if you are an individual online store then Jimdo is definitely a strong candidate which you should consider. Building an e-commerce platform is not so easy. Jimdo includes each and every tool related to an e-commerce website. You can also incorporate a shopping cart which will save your time and minimise your headache. Along with that, they provide excellent support to their customers. They are very much passionate about their jobs and the international team members are truly competent professionals. In long run, it will definitely help you as Jimdo team exists all around the world. Jimdo website builder is beginner-friendly as well as a good option for those who have excellent coding knowledge. As you know the design or the look of your website is extremely important. It not only attracts visitors to your website but also helps you to build credibility in the market. That is why Jimdo gives you tremendous design freedom as you can easily edit Jimdo templates or Jimdo themes to impress your customers. And the most attractive feature is you can remain a free customer as long as you want. This is something which you cannot get with other website builders. And if you become a paid member you can utilize those tools which are capable enough to build an amazing e-commerce platform. And if you get stuck anywhere various video tutorials are given only for you. So we will suggest you try the free plan once, and if you are satisfied, go for the paid plan and take your business to the next level.