Do I need a Website If I have a YouTube Channel?

In this blog post, we will explore how to create a website for your YouTube Channel. You might be thinking: “I can’t afford a website!?” or “Do I need a website if I have a YouTube channel?” and the answer is YES! There are many benefits of having both, and we’ll go over how you can make it work with your budget in mind.

Do I need a website if I have a YouTube Channel?

YES! There are many benefits of having both!

First off, let’s talk about how a website helps grow your brand awareness. Having a full-fledged site for your YouTube channel means that you have complete control over how to establish yourself as an expert in the field by sharing what matters most to potential customers.

On top of that, search engines will take note of all the various pages within your site that address different topics related to your expertise topic which then increases the odds that when someone searches something related to what you’re talking about they will come across one of those pages instead of just another video posted on YouTube.

Having both a YouTube channel and a website helps you to build a brand around your video content.

There are several website platforms that you can use to create your own professional and impressive looking, how-to oriented site.

The first is Wix website builder which provides an easy drag and drop editor so you don’t have to know how to code but still get a great looking site for yourself or your company.

Another option is Shopify where they provide ecommerce tools such as analytics for how well each of the products on your site are selling over time.

If this isn’t quite what you’re looking for then there’s Weebly which offers similar features without having any sales elements included with it like Shopify does if that doesn’t fit into how you want things to work either. Finally, we come across Squarespace website builder which will allow you to do a few more things than the previous three website builders I’ve mentioned but will still keep it easy for anyone to use.

What you choose from these four easy website builders is going to depend on how much you need your site to do and how well any of those features suit how you want your company or yourself as an individual business owner / creator / vlogger etc to be presented online.

What is a website and what does it do for me

A website is a representation of how your company or yourself as an individual / business / company / group operates. It is the way that people get to know more about you and how they’ll be able to find out whatever else it is that you have online including social media accounts.

It also provides a base or hub for which everything can go onto so what would normally be spread across different platforms instead comes together in one place with all of its own personality. It’s often easier to visually present your content in text and photos, in addition to the videos on your YouTube channel.

A website can be a great way to start promoting your business or YouTube channel. It is how the world will connect with you, so it’s important that what they first see should represent how you want to come across as well as how professional and reliable you are.

There are many online tools available called website builders that allow users to create their own websites without having any prior knowledge of coding languages like HTML or CSS. This means there isn’t much effort required in order for them to get one set up, which is why it’s best suited for those who have limited time but still need something presentable enough looking.

Why should I have a website if I have a YouTube channel

Having a website is important for many reasons, such as how you want to be able to show your audience that you are capable of providing them with high quality and regular content. Also it can help establish yourself as an authority figure in the field which is especially useful if there isn’t a face behind the channel or brand name.

Often, it can mean the difference between closing a brand deal or promotion on YouTube. You can also include a blog post as part of the deal to endorse or mention a product on your YouTube channel. Even being able to offer this extra bonus, show an additional level of trust and credibility.

How do I get my own domain name?

There really is no difference between how you get a domain name for your website other than how do you want to go about it.

There are several ways that you can register a domain name including using an independent purchase service like GoDaddy or Namecheap which generally charge a yearly cost for registration at an average price of about $15/year per year.

The benefit with these services would be the extra perks they may offer such as search engine optimization (SEO) tools and professional email addresses.

You could choose something very accurate – for example – Professional Website Builder or whatever the name of your brand is.

What are the benefits of having both a website and YouTube channel

The main benefit of having both is how they work together to boost your SEO.

Having a website and YouTube channel also gives you the opportunity to engage with customers directly on multiple channels, something that can be difficult when you only have one platform like YouTube, for example.

You would want it to look professional! A big part of marketing yourself as an influencer or business owner is looking professional; this means getting your name out there, creating appealing visuals (like logo’s & graphics), keeping up-to-date with how things are changing within the industry all while staying true to what got you started in the first place – making videos about whatever topic gets people excited enough to watch them which will inevitably lead them back there again.

Why should I have my own website if I already have a Youtube channel

Having an overall digital marketing strategy is how you will be able to succeed and work towards your goals.

Having your very own domain is the first step in looking organized, and it’s also how you’ll be found online! If someone types in “YouTube marketing strategies” chances are those searchers will want something that looks familiar, having your name or business name at the top of all search results is important if you’d like people to find you again when searching through Google.

This means having a website made up of keywords related to what gets attention on YouTube. Thing long term with your branding and website.

How much does it cost to create a website

You can make a website yourself for free with platforms like Wix or Weebly. These are easy to use and feature-packed, but they can be limited in how much you can customize your site’s appearance.

If YouTube is where it’s at for you then having an internet presence on these types of sites are great because people are able to find out more about what type of content that person produces. The thing that makes them so “low cost” is the lack of customization through coding which means there will be limitations when it comes to how many pages you’d like or how fancy something might look!

Alternatively, without using a website builder like Squarespace or Shopify – instead you would need to pay for expensive hosting. These website builders usually include this as part of the complete packages – plus added benefits with their premium plans.

Drawbacks to not having your own website

You’ll miss out by not having you own domain name. Even having a subdomain means that you won’t have much control over it either – both are massive drawbacks.

Not having your own website means that you potentially can’t be found easily in search engines like Google, Bing etc. which means less people will find you or your brand. If people Google you and they don’t find you on page #1, they will probably choose someone else’s website and might just forget about you!

Can you have a YouTube channel without a website?

Yes, you can have a YouTube channel without having your own website.

However it’s not recommended as there are so many benefits to having your own domain name and how much more professional you will look by owning one.

Is a YouTube channel considered a website?

No, a YouTube channel is part of a social network and video uploading platform. You have no real control over it. YouTube could shut down your channel for a number of reasons and retain any advertising revenue you have earned.

From a creators perspective, having creative control over your content is very important. Not needing to worry about the YouTube algorithm and instead being able to send viewers to your won website is a great feeling.

Do you need help setting up my new website or creating content for it 

The fastest way to get a website set up is to use a website builder like Wix or Squarespace. You can purchase your domain name directly through them if you have already registered it elsewhere, that will work fine too.

By customizing their themes and templates, adding you own logo, style of font, text and images – you can quickly and easily have a website up and running in an hour or two. They all offer lots of help and tutorials, along with drag and drop website builders – so it can be lots of fun to build your website.

Website Builders: Which one is best for YouTube Channel?

There’s quite a few options out there when looking at website builders so some consideration should go into how much control they offer over how exactly things are created.

Wix Website Builder

Wix is a great option for YouTubers because it’s super easy to use, has lots of cool features and very low cost. You can add videos from your YouTube channel directly into the Wix website builder – simply by pasting in your YouTube video url (your link).

You can also add pre-loaded content; how-tos, photo galleries and even ecommerce options like an online store or product catalogue. There’s no hosting fees with Wix either so once its built – there are no more costs involved at all! A free version will allow up to 100MB storage space but if you need more than that then we recommend getting Pro which is just $14/month.

Squarespace Website Builder

Squarespace have been providing their awesome website builder since 2003. As well as having an easy to use drag-and-drop website builder, they also offer high quality hosting (which is always important) and have a range of useful apps available for you to install on your site.

They don’t have any limits either so whether its one page or 1000 pages – there are no restrictions at all! The only downside with Squarespace is that it can be quite pricey if you want extra features like shopping carts etc – but this wouldn’t matter too much unless you needed lots of storage space/bandwidth or wanted more than three email accounts. Their most popular plan starts from $12 per month which includes unlimited bandwidth, disk space, subdomains & emails however there are cheaper options starting out too.

Shopify for YouTubers

Shopify is one of the best options for YouTubers because it has a great selection of apps to choose from like LeadPages which makes creating squeeze pages, sales funnels and opt-in forms super simple. If that wasn’t enough; their templates are also fully customizable so there’s no need to hire anyone if you want your site looking how you want it!

The downside with Shopify however is that they have monthly fees – but I think its worth paying as this means all updates will be done for you meaning less work on your part, plus each plan comes with unlimited bandwidth!

They offer plans starting at just $29 per month for their Basic package – which is ideal for getting started.

Check out their free trial

Successful Youtubers with their own websites include

  • The popular YouTubers Rhett and Link have built a brand around The Mythical Society and you can check out their website which is built on Shopify.
  • Mr Beast – a massively popular YouTuber who loves to give away money and cars – you should definitely check out his website and how he has built a brand around himself which a Shopify store too.
  • Smosh is one of the most popular comedy channels on YouTube with over 25 million subscribers and millions in ad revenue. They’ve made it so big they even have their own movie deal. So if you’re still wondering – Do I need a Website if I have a YouTube Channel? Check out what are you waiting for?
  • Another hugely popular YouTube channel is Dude Perfect and you can check out their merch website which is built on Shopify.
  • Technically Joe Rogan is a podcaster but of course he gets a lot of views on YouTube too. Check out his website which was built with Squarespace website builder.

Website Builders for YouTubers

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about how to create websites for YouTube Channels.

Here are the best website builders we can recommend for YouTubers: