DJI Spark Drone

May 26, 2017|by  admin|no comments

SPARK, the new 300 grams Drone was launched by DJI on 24th  May 2017 in New York. It is one of the smallest drones ever produced by DJI & comes with 2-axis manual stabilazation Gimbal with 12 megapixel camera which can shoot video in 1080p. The Drone which is smaller then the IPhone 7 plus & Samsung’s Galaxy S8 can easily fit on your palm & can take a flight of 16-14 minutes on full charge depending on the wind conditions. Spark comes at the price of $499 without controller in the United States which goes on sale on 15 th June 2017. It can be controlled through your mobile phone both Android & IOS or with a controller which can be purchased separately. The bundled package comes at the price tag of $699. The combo contains Spark Propeller guards, a charging cable hub, two quick release folding propellers, a battery, a shoulder bag for the drone & remote controller.



The Spark comes in five colors

  • Alpine White
  • Sky Blue
  • Meadow Green
  • Lava Red
  • Sunrise Yellow

The Spark can also be controlled through Gesture Control. It’s Quick launch with FaceAware , helps in lifting it off from your hand by recognizing your face. It can take off & hover in place within seconds of switching it on.

It takes great pictures & amazing videos using just your hands. It’s Intelligent Flight Mode & easy control helps in creating & capturing cinematic Ariel memories. It’s App DJIGO4 helps in editing with its feature of Automatic editing templates & filters which can be shared directly to your Social Media Accounts.

Spark automatically recognises objects of different shapes & sizes & tracks them accordingly. The Drone sense obstacles from upton16 ft.(5m) away & can land safely. It can also return to its Home Point Automatically with sufficient GPS signal. If the battery gets too low or even you loose the connection, all you need is to hit the RTH or Return to Home button & Spark will fly back to its Origin Point.

Spark is one of the Smallest Drones ever produced by DJI with some good features. The Spark is an absolute Marvel for all those new people who wanted to fly & shoot pictures & videos on Drones without spending a huge amount. It is easy to control with no competitor in sight it is the best choice at this great price.