Take expert suggestion before investing on blog website builder

The online market is exceptionally different from our traditional market. Here individual entrepreneurs get the same opportunities as business giants. Websites are the main features through which you can fetch productivity for your business. But when it comes to website building, you have to be sure about your selection as this is the chief aspect through which you can make your mark in the industry. Along with that, choosing the best blog builder sites is also an important job because blogs are the prime feature for business promotion. If you want to be connected with the global audience then blogs will be the ultimate solution for you. You can express your point of view here or you can advertise your products for business promotion. You will also get various customers opinion and suggestions so that you can understand where you are lacking and what the best part of your business is. Today we are going to explore the best website builders for blogs.


If you are a beginner and want to start a blog for your business then definitely you would like to choose a beginner-friendly platform, where you can change the HTML and CSS codes very easily. And if you are an experienced blogger then these things will be more important for you. When you choose website builder blog always remember that some sites will be free platforms with fewer options and some sites will be paid platforms with various options. So it totally depends on you whether you’ll stick on to a free version or you will go for a paid platform to avail more advanced features as blogs are very much effective in making money too.


Several blog builder sites are available which provide both free and paid services for their customers. Our experts always suggest a beginner, stick on a free site initially and when your blog will spin into a big hit, go for a paid option. Have a look on some amazing blog builder sites and choose the best one according to your choice and preferences.


Major Blog builder sites compared

Prepare a unique blog for your business. Major Blog builder sites have been compared here so that you can choose the best website builder for blogs.

Our competent experts did a market research and compared different blog website builder to provide the best review. All these blogging platforms have both positive and negative impacts. If you are a connoisseur blogger you will always prefer a site which can satisfy your need in terms of your skills and also as a coder. Blogging is also a unique skill comes with several years of experience. So choose a platform which can frequently change their services to satisfy your requirements and also the needs of your general audiences.


Major Blogging platforms are Wix, Weebly and Squarespace and so on.


 Wix, a professional blog builder

Wix is mainly designed for beginners. This excellent blog builder provides high-quality features and that is why counted as one of the best blog builder sites.

Wix is initially designed for the Websites. But now it has established itself as a competent blog builder through which you can easily create and maintain your blogs. As you know we are standing in an era of SmartPhones. People generally operate their mobile phones and tablets way more than a computer or a laptop. That is why popular businesses are bending towards responsive designs to render their customers an excellent user-friendly experience. Responsive designs easily fit on any Smartphone or tablets so that your visitors don’t have to zoom in frequently to check your blog from their smartphones. Wix is ruling the blog builder industry by their responsive designs and themes. Each and every page or blogs of your website will be supported by smartphones, tablets and other portable devices. This drag and drop website builder is easy to use and beginner-friendly. So with one click, you can start working on it. You will find an option called blog entry in the element toolbar through which you can easily add your unique and extraordinary blogs to your site. You can also select and tag your posts is you want. Experts suggest to attracting the maximum visitors to your site try to display your best posts, Facebook comments and other attractive things which can be easily done on Wix.

Wix website builder  has also an extraordinary feature called blog posting interface. If you are photography website or a restaurant or any other small scale business and want to post your pictures and videos to your valuable customers or want to add some interesting text about your business, you can do it very easily with this superb feature. Additionally, you can schedule a post for later publication.

Weebly, website builder blog

Do you want to maintain your blogs properly? Weebly website builder blog will be a predominant option. It is the best among different blog builder sites.

Weebly offers various advanced features which are easy to use and includes the same drag and drop option like Wix. So if you are not a technology oriented person and don’t want to deal with difficult codes then Weebly will be a perfect choice for you. Over 40 million business owners are associated with this extraordinary platform for its user-friendliness. And when it comes to blogs Weebly provides the ultimate solution. Here you can create your blogs and website separately. And if you an experienced person then expert coding options are also available for you in this brilliant blog builder. Competent bloggers can change customized HTML and CSS on their blogs.  But generally, this website builder blog is created for those users who are new to this industry and looking for hassle free services which can be accessed quickly.

Weebly also offers predominant features like social searching buttons or drag and drop facility for your blogs. Exactly like Wix, Weebly also allows you to schedule a post for later release. Along with that Weebly is much more SEO friendly because you can insert keyword based web pages, unique title and descriptions only by one click. These are the key features of SEO through which you can optimize your website for the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. Premium members of Weebly get some excellent valuable features which are undeniable. So if you are looking for the best blog website builder, go for Weebly website builder review.

Squarespace, the best blog website builder

Looking for the best Squarespace blog builder review? Check out our expert’s opinion about Squarespace, the best blog builder.

Squarespace proffers wide ranges of options for their valuable customers. Don’t you have any idea about computer coding? Not to worry at all because you can change or add anything in this blog builder without any knowledge of computer codes. But if you want, theme and plugin support in Squarespace you have to have code knowledge as without it these features cannot be accessible. Apart from that, this is the best platform to expand your services through different blogs. Even though this best blog builder is absolutely painless to use but still they offer the best customer support. You can easily contact them through email or you can also join a live chat. So if you are a beginner and wondering how to start your work, choose Squarespace as with them you can be completely relaxed and assured that a professional hand is always with you for your help.

Our team has tried to give you the best review about today’s major blog builder sites. We are now working in this field for years and establish a veteran team who are the perfect blend of passion and knowledge. They always do a market research and try different platforms and their services before giving a review about them. That is why here you will find every pros and con about the industry. Along with that, you can check the ratings and detailed information about each and every blog builder.

Our research team also compared and provides perfect information about free and paid blogging options. These blog builder sites ( Website Builder Squarespace ) are extremely useful for small scale businesses such as photography, restaurants, and non-profit organisations and so on. They generally look for a user-friendly platform which is easily accessible and doesn’t want a big amount to use it. On the other hand, you can choose an experienced professional which will be an expensive option for you. So before investment always think properly. Always invest your hard earned money carefully out of which you can get fruitful result. And if you are looking for the best solution for blogs these blog builder sites will be the best answer for you.

Top 3 Blog Website Builder

Create, Edit and Schedule Posts

Make Blog Content Quickly

Blog List Layout

Display Beautiful Images, Galleries and Videos

Many Blog Templates

Blog Categories and Tags

Organize Your Posts Using Tags And Categories

Powerful Blog SEO

Enable or Disable Comments

Customize Your Blog Feed

Advanced Blog Management and Customization

Select Blog custom URLs

Feature a Blog Post on Your Site

Toggle blog sidebar display on/off

Push Content to Social Media

Schedule a Future Blog Post

Create a Blog Post

Style the Blog Page

Use Your Blog to Increase Your SEO

Manage Blog Settings

Manage Blog Posts

Add a Blog Post

Schedule Blog Posts

Blog Grid Layout

Manage Your Blog Posts

Edit a Blog Sidebar

Special Features by Template

Add Media to Your Blog Posts

Many Blog Categories


Manage Your Blog Post Tags

Manage Blog Comments

Sidebars Support

Best Blog Support

Use Social platform Comments On Your Blog

Promoted Blocks

Add and Edit Text

Use Disqus Comments On Your Blog

Add Blog location

Commenting Systems

Commenting Systems

Featured posts